Wednesday, February 3, 2010

VeryCD MiniMule 1.0.0 100203 Beta

miniMule 1.0.0 100203 is a VeryCD aMule mod 2.0 development, based on power transmission developed by a core of P2P file transfer tool, in addition to inheritance VeryCD Mod 2.0 most of the characteristics of emule, it also has a small form factor, set up a flexible, responsive and so is particularly suitable for beginners and simple computer users.

New features: increased sorting search results
New features: Increasing the search results file type icon and source of the number of icons
Process optimization: Optimizing search results returned information tips
Procedure Optimization: Optimization of display logic
Bugfix: Fixed some systems display text incomplete
Bugfix: Fixed in the new tasks that may occur when you set the path for circulating prompted errors (thanks Mix bian5000)
Bugfix: Fixed a GDI leak

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