Friday, February 12, 2010

LimeWire PRO 5.5.1 Beta


LimeWire PRO 5.5.1 (2.11.10)


* Add a keyboard mapping to allow you to delete a file when in the Library, Image, and refresh the in client browser with F5 (thanks Misagh Moayyed).
* Fix a bug in which sorting the download items was broken.
* Fix a bug in which similar search results would lose their group.

LimeWire PRO 5.5.0 (2.3.10)


* Integrate Anti-Virus protection powered by AVG for Windows operating systems versions to scan downloads.

Known issue: Sometimes instead of downloading only the update, LimeWire downloads the full AVG Anti-Virus update, which means the bandwidth usage will be quite a lot higher than it will be after the fix is made.

* Search result tabs are animated.
* Additional information to view trackers with torrents.
* Allow you to view more information when seeding a torrent.
* Remove the LimeWire Store icon, but add the Store as a menu item (for locations where the LWS is available).
* General bug fixes.

For Windows: LimeWireWin.exe 24.19 MB
For MAC OSX: LimeWireOSX.dmg 28.15 MB
For Linux: LimeWireLinux.deb 26.85 MB

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