Thursday, October 30, 2008

eMule 0.48a eXcalibur 1.85.3

EMule has been suspected of other client functions Miscellaneous over too much, or I need to use the lack of features, together with the need to occasionally network with functions of the Internet, the final decision on VeryCD based on the modified source code to meet their own needs. EXcalibur is such a Product. 1.85.3, the current version, based on source code VeryCD Mod 080919.

eXcalibur is VeryCD Mod based on a modified version of the Mod other words, Mod. intention is to develop a smaller file size, while retaining VeryCD Mod of the Internet-enabled network within the same time, the absorption of other advantages and characteristics of the Mod, as far as possible Strengthen and increase the stability of the more useful features. Mod the main emphasis on the application of conventional rather than high-level applications. If you need advanced features such as the powerful publication, manual a4af, queue and so on a number of functions, use the Xtreme or StulleMule.

2008.10.17 eXcalibur 1.85.3
based on VeryCD Mod 080919 src

[+] Upload list and right-list line up menu to increase the "call screening DLP" menu item; (in some cases to upgrade to the latest version of the DLP before the mule will be part of the blood into the above-mentioned two lists, in the update to the new version of the mule after the DLP and Tidiao not correspond to the list of the mule blood, which can use the time to call this feature the latest DLP detection code to filter blood mule.)
[+] Part of the list of menu items to increase menu icon;
[+] Client information displayed in the client's support for the expansion of the type of agreement;
[F] to repair the bulk rename Window revealed abnormal stretching of the problem;
[F] repair "My information" and "Network Information" window does not support Unicode characters of the problem;

• provide three versions of the compiler, version of the ordinary, SSE and SSE2 instructions to optimize instruction optimization. According to the machine, please select the CPU; generally choose P3-level version of the SSE optimization, P4-level Select SSE2 optimized version. If your old machine abnormal Please choose version of the ordinary. If you use the wrong version, the program will not run. If you do not know their own whether to support the CPU, please download test.

Compression package offers three versions of the compiler. According to the machine, please select the CPU;

In general P3 level can choose to optimize the SSE version, P4 level have the option SSE2 optimized version. If your old machine abnormal, select the version of the ordinary. If you are using the wrong version of the program will be unable to run or not run normally. If you do not Clear their own whether to support the CPU, please download test. If the font corresponding to the black support for the instruction set.

For example, under the map, CPU maximum support SSE2, you can choose to use SSE2 optimized version:

Each corresponding to the directory:
\ Nor: General version, not SSE/SSE2 optimized instruction set;
\ SSE: for SSE instruction set for optimized versions of the compiler;
\ SSE2: for SSE2 instruction set for the compiler optimized version;

Three versions of operating in the area without distinction of any kind, and optimize the version in most cases (such as the classic calculation of documents when the hash) faster

HUH not auto optimizer:

cpu_info.cpp, cpu_info.h, memcpy_amd.cpp, memcpy_amd.h, optimize.h

Reference content

As opposed to the change VeryCD 080627 ([-] delete function [+] add features [F] repair errors):

[-] Built-in browser in order to enhance the stability of the process;
[-] To download after the completion of the feedback information to the file server VeryCD functions;
[-] Search keyword filtering;
[-] And the installation of automatic update feature;
[-] IE BHO and right-menu-related functions;
[-] Search window VeryCD visit site search function;
[-] Community function points;
[-] PopMule function;
[-] Transfer window, right-menu Kingsoft Cha Du-line functions;
[-] Default toolbar style, eMule to restore the default toolbar;
[-] Error reporting module;
[-] Transfer list, a list of search share, as well as a list of the "Notes" column;
[-] To update links to amend the inefficacy of the inspection;
[-] Have been useless client filtering;
[-] To the mandatory user name to add labels [CHN] and [VeryCD] functions;
[-] 30K minimum ratio of 1:4 by upload or download speed of the functions of (the resumption of official version of the set speed limit);
[-] PNG format screens flash images for the restoration of the original screen flashing images;
[-] Multi-language selection, retaining only simplified Chinese interface;

[+] Transfer window color display LowID user functionality; (from Xtreme)
[+] Transfer window and the window to share the bulk rename function; (from Xtreme)
[+] Shows that all the windows client version of the integrity of information (client version + Mod version); (from Xtreme)
[+] Custom TCP protocol encryption length of the string attached to the blockade against ISP; (from Xtreme)
[+] Transfer list shows the percentage of completion of the other client; (from Xtreme)
[+] Color display file-sharing has not yet completed the list of documents in order to distinguish; (from Xtreme)
[+] EMule Plus to identify the client, no longer appears as eMule Compat; (from Magic Angel)
[+] Detected by blood-sucking mule can be automatically called when the custom string to the user in the form of notification bloodsucking mule; (from Magic Angel)
[+] Automatically add the points to back up files, configuration files, as well as Part of the document function; (from Magic Angel)
[+] Always add a display system tray icon at any time convenient feature to adjust the speed limit; (from EasyMule)
[+] DLP separation of information and a detailed log output output can choose to show only single DLP detection information; (from EasyMule)
[+] Reduce the high-speed upload / download time and data compression as a result brought about by the occupation of CPU; (from MorphXT)
[+] Blood integrity of the anti-(DLP), as well as support for the code to reduce accidental injury (aMule, MLdonkey, etc.) code;
[+] Sharing window on the PMP, FLV, DOCX, XPM, SQX, APP, ODS, ODT, WPS, and other types of identification documents;
[+] Automatically set up to run the initial part of the configuration parameters in order to reduce the degree of difficulty;
[+] Do not use an external interface language documents show that the Chinese part of the contents of the log;
[+] Quick call DLP_Updater.exe online update module DLP (Tools menu -> DLP + online update);
[+] Xtreme merger-related source code in order to find better sources to find;
[+] Share a list of right-right-menu to copy files directly ed2k link;
[+] Testing message to the DLP output logs \ antiLeech.log (optional);
[+] Mini mule changed to a long strip (reservations upload / download speed and display functions buttons) to reduce the occupied area of the screen;
[+] Transfer window queue chart below shows the proportion of charts and blood mule;
[+] Window and line up the known window customers right menu Add / Remove friends;
[+] Tools -> IP filtering rules to add quick editing window / heavy-duty button;
[+] Enhance the DLP punishment options, options set to line up to stop, and zero points home by a slow increase in the proportion of designated points;
Note: The line up to stop: the Prohibition of blood into the queue mule; zero points home: mule blood can enter the queue, but always points to 0;
Lower points: mule blood can enter the queue, but the unit time to obtain the points will be the normal proportion of clients;
[+] Optimize the connection VeryCD / IA / Popgo server, no need to insert the appropriate tab to connect to the server;
[+] Mandatory opening of the credit system and safety certification to avoid misuse and uncheck the other client was punished;
[+] Advanced options can be defined in the procedures of the time show the date format;
[+] Client information window DLP detection and the type of operation;
[+] Single document to increase the upper limit of 40MB buffer to meet the high-bandwidth users to adjust the needs of the (occupied by the memory also become big);
[+] Collapse if the procedure is not covered by re-running the last normal when done by the backup file;
[+] WinSock2 support;
[+] Custom of blood-sucking mule client to stop time (2-12 hours).
[+] Offensive to stop the client (crazy request documents / messages, invalid or frequent replacement of ID);
[+] IP change (even dropped weight) automatically inform all clients of the queue and re-request from all sources;
[+] Replacement and re-editing some of the icons of resources in order to reduce the file size;
[+] Conversation automatically to prevent damage to the local transmission of data blocks the client; (from Xtreme)
[+] Manually stop some from the source to receive data; (from Xtreme)
[+] Memory is no longer used by the AICH bits; (from Xtreme)
[+] Shared history download window display; (from Xtreme)
[+] Connected to the network or upload / download speed system to prohibit access to standby status;
[+] Delete more than 20 documents listed only the top 20 documents to avoid stretch confirmation dialog box;
[+] Non-default option when prompted whether the incoming directory which has been shared documents;
[+] Vagaa strengthen client filtering;

[F] system tray menu to adjust the speed limit can not be preserved after the set;
[F] part of the control of the location and size of the transfer of resources does not match;
[F] output for the remainder do not meet Chinese user habits, and canceled the remainder of the size of the display;
[F] window in "My information" and "Network Information" window is too small Chinese characters;
[F] agreement to connect potential to connect to the conflict, as well as transfer some of the loosely defined variables;
[F] DLP included in the library, heavy-duty, do not display the error message problem;
[F] will occasionally start a "server is running in" the tips issue;
[F] a list of transfer window all the security encryption and authentication protocol icon does not show the correct error;
[F] in the Vista system with some related CONTENTS Kad compatibility issues;
[F] add a keyword sources of error eD2K link;
[F] to change the subject after the list of file-sharing tree icon does not show the normal and open the directory where the files are not normal;
[F] transfer list QR is not the right sort;
[F] anti-blood-sucking information panel output when there are not highlighted;
[F] send a blank shared directory;
[F] AICH, CBB, DeadSource deal with the collapse of the hidden code;
[F] search window box Unicode, in some systems can not automatically check;
[F] can not be lifted manually to prevent blood mule;
[F] CXImage image processing library upgrade to v6.0 image processing to solve problems;
[F] updated libpng library to v1.2.28;
[F] filter ed2k link in the control of the characters;
[F] rehabilitation start dealing with the deletion of categories issues;
[F] enable / disable display queue list after list is not set in a timely manner, as well as the button does not show that the problem of floating tips;
[F] ed2k link in the address ed2k: not case sensitive;
[F] standby or hibernation after the resumption of automatic re-connection network (server / Kad);

Other small improvements and features to improve the code ...

Multilanguage Support is ripped/removed

BBS: -

Mirror: eMule_eXcalibur_1.85.3.7z 6.13 MB

ed2k: ed2k://fileeMule_eXcalibur_1.85.3.7z6432469466EE9D3C687408213390A2028BF948A/

older Version:
http: eMule_v0.48a_eXcalibur_v1.85.7z 3.11 MB

Caution: all emule.exe program files are compressed packed and protected with:
ASprotect ver 2.^ ( ). The Optimizations is non sentence it will use more system resources to proceed in memory the ASPACK process. This exceeds the filesize in memory (Imagesize)!


Anonymous said...

No offense but its very stupid!
1. Why create 3 CPU optimized emule.exe where each is ASprotect compressed image if there already in 2003 used CPU optimizer code like in eMule R.I.P, nextemf, Bortsch use it by ISMod,... to Automatically detect the CPU kind.

2. Using by a freeware application based on opensource a commercial exe protector/packer withdraw all the fine tuning optimizations by executing such files using higher memory consume. Its a wast with system ressource memory. (remark the source code is a fake link there is no source on it)

3. Removing Multilanguage support, a standard feature in emule, localize the usage and the network sources to share with.

Anonymous said...

Benchmark check the emule.exe asprotect packed and not protect packed, see result in memory consume. no the peak cpu usage

Anonymous said...

This version also is the question!

But,just a little!

I'm chinense!

Anonymous said...

something to hide with this or in this mod. Unpacked still protect see attached file to each emule.exe MD5 check : MD5DLL.dll

Abnormal protection for emule.exe code.
Ask for source, coder will not give.

Not run unknown program application process done with ASProtect files without sandbox!

It's more protect3d as commercial DVDFab and Tag&Rename UnPackCN says. No good

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

with the modstring boost. If set an extreme negative value will it do that certain mods by string never or as last get an upload?

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