Saturday, October 4, 2008

Unpacking StuFF

The Chinese have updated OD plugin:
OllyDBG v1.10 plugin - StrongOD v0.18

Temptress Moon Shadow by sea [CUG]

[2008.09.18 v0.18]
1, to repair the Ctrl + G calculation rva, offset when a small BUG
2, when the program is not running the state, Detach before running program
3, restoration of the original data OD zone copy BUG
4, repair od after the CPU running very high occupancy rate BUG
5, you can set it to skip some of the exception handling

[2008.09.02 v0.17]
1, to skip some of the improper handling of the abnormal OD
2, correctly handle the instructions int 2d

[2008.08.31 v0.16]
1, joined the drive to protect the process, the hidden window, over most of the anti-debugging
2, driver support for the custom equipment 000 (ollydbg.ini of DeviceName, equipment were not more than 8 characters)
ollydbg.ini of [StrongOD], you can set up their own
HideWindow = 1 to hide the window
HideProcess = 1 to hide the process
ProtectProcess = 1 protection process
DriverKey =- 82693034 and the key driver of communication
DriverName = fengyue0 who drives (not more than 8 characters)

3, OD will be the creation of the parent process into the process explorer.exe (copied from shoooo code)


The increase in the version of the driver, if a blue screen, set up minidump spread to the Forum, thank you
OllyDbg original use as much as possible, and other generally do not need the anti-anti plugin in conjunction with plug-in (including phant0m)

[Note of the final film Temptress Moon by the sea in the editing 2008-9-19 20:52]

House accounts, anti shell had the option to use the skills

The following are no special note are the original OD add a plug-in plug-in StrongOD operate

Ollydbg.ini in the first [Plugin StrongOD] the following HideWindow, ProtectProcess into the value of 1, the value of KernelMode turned into a preserve

1, Themida / WinLicense
Plug-in option to set a minimum
Original run OD, included in the main program Themida v1.9.9.0, stopped at the entrance after the removal of all breakpoints, Shift + F9 up-and-run
2, ExeCryptor v2.4.1
Plug-in option to set a minimum
Original run OD, set up break point on break point in the system to stop
ExeCryptor v2.4.1 included in the main program, stopped at the breakpoint system, according to Alt + B, remove the breakpoint EP
And then Shift + F9, you can
3, TTProtect v1.05 DEMO
Plug-in option to set a minimum. Original run OD, loading TTProtect v1.05 DEMO main program, Shift + F9
4, VMProtect v1.65.2
vmp v1.65 added to the xp system under the OD of the new anti
Plug-in option to set a minimum. Original run OD, loading VMProtect v1.65.2 main program, Shift + F9


StrongOD v0.18.rar 101.89 KB

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