Monday, October 27, 2008

eMule 0.49b PrE-Mod 1.1 (based on Neo Mule 4.55a)

eMule PrE-Mod changelog based on Neo Mule

+ Merged to Neo Mule 4.55a
+ Update option page for ip2country and ipfilter
+ Startup sound
+ New colors for queue in download list
* Critical Bug in "Upload only to emule clients" option (UploadTimer exception)
* Bug when enabling "static tray icon" option
* Minor bug in ipfilter update
* Minor changes
- Limit in source request settings
- Dependency between upload and download in connection options

+ No Upload
+ Upload Protection
+ ShareLevels (dazzle)
+ No Publish file to network
+ QueueLevels *do whatever you want to your queue*
+ PrC Credit System
+ NickThief
+ FakeRank
+ MultiKick
+ MultiBan
+ Start Upload
+ Timer Change Server
+ Shutdown Pc or Emule on all downloads completed
+ Color active downloads
+ Color server list
+ Auto Ip Filter Update
- Ratio

+: Added Feature
-: Removed Feature
*: Fix/Change

Download: eMule_0.49b_PrE-Mod_v1.1_bin.rar 2.83 MB

Thanks - Спасибо


Anonymous said...

Ihr könntet wenigstens denn Coder Sarutobi und das Homeboard SB-Innovation dazu schreiben.

IlLusioN said...

to put the download link in a database and limit the downloads with user sign up is not a good sample.
Do you wanna know where is and direct link gone include the whole domains and the webspace?
Ive payed the hosts for another 12 months and as soon the Austrian Webhoster received the money for the coming year he canceled cause of the italian mod I did on it as it was Uni A Team

funny bought domains he gave away i payed them before. now i have to run in a domain name auction benign from 500 dollar if i want one of the 3 signs long domains back, dont talk about the hosting space. Austria hosting cheater company should be happy with the payed space and the domains auction they did with my domains.

Response: Fileshare tools not ok cause of any therms include opensource to host, no matter if its original not a mod. Nice huh

At least been able to host Uni-A Team mod for much to much money 14 months on 2 webhosts with direct links

IlLusioN said...

another ression is I never put ads on one of my hosts nor on the sites or anywhere in the direct download open folders. I dont want from other peoples coding work cause of providing hosting or a discussion forum earn. They code for free and it must be possible to download for free. hostex. de for special friends hosting which is not a direct link provider and slower speed in long distance locations as uploaded. to.
Time delay is on all two. The mods are small in size compressed. Premium for 3 or 5 mb isn't really needed to get a download.

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