Wednesday, October 8, 2008

eMule 0.49b RC-Atlantis 2.1 by Ekliptor + Releaser Crew Features Activator Tool

eMule v0.49b [RC-Atlantis v2.1]

eMule RC-Atlantis Main Features:
- Slot Control: chose how many upload slots you want to open and Slotfocus
- Release-Features like Powershare, Share Only the Need, Active Spreading and Download Permission
- Applejuice Community Modes: select normal, reduced (50% Upload) or disabled Community Mode
- manual add to Upload, remove from Upload and Friend handling in every List on Transfer Window
- Applejuice Community with many Community Clients advanced Community Features
- Applejuice Creditsystem: you can "buy" download Slots from other Community Clients with Applejuice you get for your Upload
- Community Topfile List: Search and Find the Files with most Community Clients
- AES (256 bit) encrypted File-Transfers for more Security

Changelog eMule v0.49b RC-Atlantis v2.1:
October, 5. 2008
based on eMule v0.49b

Topfile List:
- reworked filtering of old Topfiles (we now filter all Topfiles published by a client older than eMule v0.49b)
- increased number of sources a file must have to become a Topfile
- don not count modified Applejuice Clients to Topfile sources

- fixed bug with version check (occured since last version)
- fixed removing too many non-Community Clients in reduced Community Mode
- fixed Applejuice Credits were not saved on rare occasions
- fixed minor bug with Download Permission and Source Exchange
- improved Anti modified Applejuice Clients

Follow instruction in emule_firewall_auth_bypass.exe to activate in all AJ comm based releaser mods the releaser mode xtra features!


Download: eMule.v0.49b.RC-Atlantis.v2.1.bin+RC Features Activator+v2.0 6.73 MB

Mod only without Tool: 3.11 MB

RC Crew + all other AJ Releaser Crews Mods Multi Activator Tool: 1.22 MB

other New AJ Mods:
ROCKFORCE-onmediav2 Homepage:


Anonymous said...

Fully cracked version would be nicer then these workarounds wich not work for erverybody :(

Fireball version also

IlLusioN said...

It don't work by you?

Make sure the login domain is redirected to localhost so that the login server check can be captured from the tool on your computer and send to the mods always return "releaser features successful activated"

Anonymous said...

Activator Tool works great,THX

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