Saturday, October 11, 2008

eMule 0.49b cn-7 build 191 Final

eMule v0.49b CN-7 Build 191 Final

CN-7 Build 191 Final

A comprehensive code optimization and clean-up
EMule further reduce the cpu and memory footprint
Download.txt document will be put into the config folder
Unicode-related optimization - Borschtsch
PartFile.cpp amendments to a small error
Amendments to a set of server interface issues - moloko +
Vagaa accession to the detection of code - Enig123, zz_fly
Xunlei to add a new detection - Enig123, zz_fly
Random selection method to solve the number of requests for fewer LowID easily RandCS the over-inflated - Enig123
Algorithm loopholes in the amendment, elected to use a random selection algorithm, automatically upload block - Enig123
When the other side take the initiative to cancel, and only reduce the distribution and upload it to be the amount that matches the RandCS - Enig123
Join UDPReaskSecurityCheck - NetFinity
Accession to the unfinished / damaged files function - SR13-Import-Parts by roversr13
Amended in a number of cultural issues
And by adding amendments to skip High-CPU-Load, in eMule can be cpu other procedures when they take up a more stable performance - Xman1, Enig123
Upload enhanced by adding cache (Improved Upload Caching) - to adopt the program NetFinity
Soon be completed to determine whether or not to join in order to reduce the upload to enhance cache load caused by the waste - Enig123
Joined the Advanced Download Throttling, in order to accurately control the download limit - NetFinity
And amendments to some of the code optimization EMSocket
CriticalPacketFix amendment
By adding the percentage of completion of the show - Xman1, Enig123
UploadBandwidthThrottler.cpp for the floating-point operations to optimize the equivalent of the whole operation, to reduce the cpu occupation of large tube - Enig123


Download: emule_0.49b_cn-7_build_191.rar 6.28 MB
No Ratio: emule_0.49b_cn-7_build_191-noratio.rar 5.31 MB



Anonymous said...

A good uploading mod.

IlLusioN said...

The download speed is also good

Anonymous said...

what is this for a mod:

[CHN][VeryCD]youname eMule v0.48a [ZZZULLL 09 23]

I have the whole known clients full with this mod string [ZZZULLL 09 23]


Anonymous said...

[CHN][VeryCD]youname eMule v0.48a [ZZZULLL 09 23]

this is a very very bad chinese leecher: thunder.

Anonymous said...

Why Chinese Leecher mods use a mod string and based on 0.48 old mod?
TuoTu, Thunder,....

Anonymous said...

[CHN][VeryCD]youname eMule v0.48a [ZZZULLL 09 23] = [Suspect Hello-Tag: XL](see client detaila) = Thunder Camouflage!!!

脱兔tuotu,vagaa,xunlei(Thunder)is bad modes!

FK English ! MLGBD !

Anonymous said...

the makers of Thunder + TuoTu "Multidownloader" better use the original emule not a changed mod which try to fake another mod. Recently Thunder shown up with emule 0.48a Xtreme 7.0, tag is wrong.
the better will be to use original emule no mod port in Thunder, TuoTu, Vagaa.


[Fake emuleVersion](ban)- Client '[CHN][VeryCD]yourname' (eMule v0.48a,None/None/FwCheckConnecting)
21.10.2008 03:42:33: [Suspect Hello-Tag: XunLei](ban)- Client 4792558@ ( '[CHN]a1[VeryCD]xthame' (eMule v0.48a [Xtreme 7],None/None/None)
[Fake emuleVersion](ban)- Client '[CHN][VeryCD]yourname' (eMule v0.48a,None/None/FwCheckConnecting)

[extra bytes](ban) = a community is added to the hello tag

Wrong = [Bad MODSTRING](ban)- Client ' [~Tbw] «Applejuice 3.1»' (eMule v0.49b [Applejuice 3.1],Connecting/None/None)

right = [Bad Username](ban)- Client ' [~Tbw] «Applejuice 3.1*»' (eMule v0.49b [Applejuice 3.1*],Connecting/None/None

* AJ mods can change the mod name!
[Bad Username] '

[Bad Username] '

Titanmule mods on username not on modstring (Modstring is changeable by titanmule)

Anonymous said...

[Suspect Hello-Tag: XunLei](ban)- Client '[CHN]a1[VeryCD]xthame' (eMule v0.48a [Xtreme 7],None/None/None)

+ [Bad MODSTRING] eMule v0.48a [Xtreme 7]

impossible ,no exist !

real v0.48a [Xtreme 6.1] + nick addon «Xtreme 6.1»

Anonymous said...

21.10.2008 17:37:45: found new version of antiLeech.dll
21.10.2008 17:37:45: Dynamic Anti-Leecher Protection v 3411 loaded

Perfect! Thanks

Detect more AJ mods
[硬性吸血骡](ban)- Client '[]CT[] = Wikinger-mod with fake mod string morpfxt

Anonymous said...

Manual Ban:

Banned: Aggressive behaviour; 2048114@ ( '' (eMule v0.49b,OnQueue/None/None)

Automatic ban did not:
[Bad USERNAME](ban)- Client 2048114@ ( '' (eMule v0.49b,OnQueue/None/None)

Titandonkey [Titanmule in username :] = AJ mod name changer ( Camouflage )

Anonymous said...

Manually Banned: Aggressive behaviour; '«NoQkft» [CHN][VeryCD][TLF]β♠ñ$ђ€€ «+» «rPtEAp»' (eMule v0.49b,OnQueue/None/None)

in username : «+»
= Italia no upload mod

Sergio said...


I search old Arcade games for PC
(no PSX/Sega or Mame emu) Bomberman and Bomberman World (all episodes 1 - 5)
how can I found it?
is it on one cd there:

Anonymous said...

(PlayStation Games Collection)[PS]


Anonymous said...

Hard disk space finish ^^

Anonymous said...

[Nick-Changer](ban)- Client '«VruzPGmu» [CHN][VeryCD][TLF][eDtoon]β♠ñ$ђ€€ «+» «AmBYg»' (eMule v0.49b,Connecting/None/None)


Anonymous said...

AppleJuice users or not :

21.10.2008 12:35:21: [*AJ*](ban)- Client '[eCiLwU] [CAN] 12ocket 12obin /-/ood ☭♫☭☯ (capXl)' (eMule v0.47c [/-/ighTime v1.2],Connecting/None/None)
21.10.2008 12:35:25: [*AJ*](ban)- Client 'Wolle «MorphXT 10.5»' (eMule v0.48a [MorphXT 9.7],None/None/None)

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