Thursday, October 30, 2008

eMule 0.49a Applejuice 3.1.2

Changelog eMule v0.49a Applejuice v3.1.2:
October, 28. 2008

Applejuice Creditsystem:
- fixed bug Clients were not immeadelty asked for Credit Download in some occasions
- fixed bug Applejuice Credits were not saved on exit if Kad UDP Firewall check got no result
- ask for a new Creditdownload Client if anoher one gets removed from donwnload list (e.g. when he closes eMule)
- increased number of max allowed Creditdownload clients for each download limit

- added ShareHunt search and language support for Zoozle search
- added toolbar button for

If files won't get to download try this mod! If download from many Israel fileshares need to use this mod!

ed2k: c:\Netzlaufwerk\Sources\In Arbeit\eMule Applejuice\srchybrid\Unicode_Release\emule.exe
http: eMule.0.49b.Neo-R.V1.0.Pulic.Beta1.rar 3.12 MB

sorry the filename rename feature have created but its legitimate!

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der_tuxman said...

sure that the file name is Neo_R? :)

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