Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Zion++ 2.02 [TiCoEd]

- NoShare
- Up/Down limiter
- DC++ emulation
- own tag
- Client password protection
- autosearch
- and many more…

Changelog A5:
+ Ignored users are saved to file ignored.xml (ApexDC)
and ignored messages in SystemLog
+ Dialog for the password input if you enter a hub (if not saved in favorites) (StrongDC)
+ CZDC based clients detection
+ settings in FavHub. Automatical OpChat PM window will open by entering a hub
+ by testing a filelist the client automatically compares it with download queue
- string "TTH:" in AdlTTH parameter, there`s now only clean TTH
* UpLoad of empty filelist.
* some little stuff ;)

Changelog A6 Beta:
* NoShare by melo fungovat mnohem spolehliveji
* A/P nastaveni v Oblibenych
* Automaticke hledani
* a par vecicek ;)

Download A5 (Mirror) 4.41 MB Direct Download

Download A6 Beta2 (Mirror1) - (Mirror2) 4.42 MB

Zion-2.02-A5-bin(src) -

Discussion forum and more infos: English Zion [TiCoEd]

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