Friday, February 16, 2007

µTrator 1.1

µLeech, µRatio, µStealth and µTorrent:

µLeech: Normal download and upload multiplied by 10
µRatio: Newest version of ratio master
µStealth: No download or upload and not shown on tracker
µTorrent: Normal

How to use:

µLeech - ALT + F9
µRatio - ALT + F10
µStealth - ALT + F11
µTorrent - ALT + F12

After installation:
1. Open µTorrent, press CTRL+P and press the "Associate with .torrent files" button.
2. Open the ports 61120-61123 on your router to become connectable.
3. Restart your computer in order for the hotkeys to work.

To remove the hotkeys:
Right click on the shortcuts in your "start-menu/programs/utrator" folder, click properties and remove the hotkeys by clicking on the hotkey field and pressing your backspace button.

µTrator v1.1.rar (60.95 KB) - (Mirror)

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