Friday, February 16, 2007

eMule 0.47c Appledr34m v1.2 (by dlarge)

eMule 0.47c Appledr34m v1.2 based on eMule 0.47c modded by dlarge

changelog v1.2:

- add undetectet FakeRank
- add FakeRank not for Community/Friends
- add Send no Filelist to Server
- add Only upload to eMule Clients
- add Disable XS (Source Exchange)
- add Disable XS by Client (Source Exchange)
- add set your own Community (Mighty Knife/dlarge)
- add Boost *7 for own Community
- add Boost Friends *5
- add Switch for RB3 Com Ban
- add new Toolbar (shadow2004/JVA)
- add new Toolbar Grafics (big thanks to backpacker)
- add new Logo and Banner (big thanks to backpacker)
- add Show "Appldr34m" User in Bold (dlarge)
- add Slide Bar (eMule+/Xanatos)
- add UPnPNAT Feature (Monki)
- add Save/Load Sources (enkeyDEV)
- add Auto Hard Limit (WIZARD)
- add Spam Ban (Gatchymule)
- add Power Release (Xman)
- add more Credit Systems
- add Save Queue Wait Time (Moonlight)
- add virus Scanner (TK4)
- add Rare File Push (Telp)
- add Part File Push (Telp)
- add Small File Push
- add Queue Part File Push
- add Nice Hash
- add Invisible Mode (eF)
- add see Session Download (Xanatos)
- add Release Bonus (Sivka/Stulle)
- add Window Colours (Spe64)
- add Active Downloads in Bold
- add Show paused Files in Grey
- add Active Downloads Colour
- add Show Funny Nicks
- add switchable Uploadcolour
- add Automatic Sharedfiles Updater (Monki)
- add Download Sort Glitchfix (WIZARD)
- add Drop Stalled Sources (netfinity)
- add Delayed NNP (netfinity)
- add Reask Partstatus on NNP (netfinity)
- add Context Fix for ChatSexmanlector (WIZARD)
- add MM CrashFiX (Xman)
- add Complete Source Fix (WIZARD)
- add Show Low Ids Clients in all Cases (Xman)
- add Download Chunk Display (MorphXT)
- add Code for multiSort remove (SLUGFILLER)
- add marked as Cancelled in Searchlist (Xman)
- add Show Chunk Dots (Slugfiller)
- add Confirmed download (xrmb)
- add Complete Source Fix (WIZARD)
- add XS Fix (Xanatos)
- add KadEncode (Avi3k)
- add Switches for Display settings
- removed Multi Sort in all Lists
- fixed Code for better show Full ModVersion in all Cases
- fixed Bug for see more Infos in all Cases
- fixed Bug for see the right Client Icons in all Cases
- fixed Bug for Sorting in Waitingqueue
- changed more Message Filters
- changed Some Preferences defaults Settings
- changed Code for Ip2country - You see only the Flags in Username
- changed Code for Client Percentage
- changed & optimized Code for manuell Downkick

changelog v1.1:

- add Steahlts community Ban for Titandonkey/RB3/PimpRevolution Mods (WIZARD)
- add Reask NNS/FullQr Sourcen in Download (LSD)
- add Reask Server/Kad for Sourcen in download (LSD)
- add more Infos in Uploadlist for UL/DL,IpNumber,Size,Slot Nr.
- add Stop Single Client in Downloadcases (Xman)
- add choosing Compression (Xman)
- add show Full Mod version in all Cases
- add Exit Smoothly (TK
- add Reask on ID Change Feature
- add P2P WormDetection (netfinity)
- add AutoBackup Feature (TBH)
- fixed Bug in iP2Country in Download Clientslist
- fixed Bug in Appledr34m Stat and gives more Infos
- fixed Bug in manuell Ban in UL
- fixed displaying wrong Community Client Icon in some cases
- fixed Full Queue Community Sources in Download List (Ekliptor)
- fixed Bug with save Prefs

changelog v1.0:

Bad features:

- add Applejuice Steahlts Community (big thanks to Ekliptor)
- increased USS min Upload to 9KB/s
- changed Argos: never ban Community Clients
- ignore Full Queue for Community Clients (they can always entry the Queue)
- ignore File Hard Limit for Community Clients
- better sending of Queuerank to Community Clients on first connect
- send Average Uploadrate to Community Clients
- Community Source Exchange
- Upload Levels
- add manuell Reask Source (DL)
- add manuell Kick Source (DL)
- add Push in Download from UL Queue
- add manuell Ban Source (UL)
- add manuell kick Source (UL)
- add manuell Kick Source and put in IpFilter.dat
- add unlimited FriendSlots
- add unlimited Searchresults

Normal features:

- add Argos System (NEO)
- add Updatepage with Ipfilter/Fakes.dat/IP2country (KTS/dlarge)
- add eMule High Prozeß Priority (MorphXT)
- add Quickstart (works only with Kad) (NEO)
- add Dropping Feature (NEO)
- add Mass Rename (Acronic)
- add NAFC Feature (WIZARD)
- add Appledr34m Stats (Shandra/Lama)
- add SysInfo in StatusBar (Jva)
- add Feedback Feature (Werewolf/dlarge)
- add Slot Focus (KTS)
- add Slot Control (KTS/dlarge)
- add Emulate others (Spike2)
- add File Buffer Flush Time (Spike2)
- add Winsocket 2 (eWombat)
- add Anti FakeRank (Cyrex2001)
- add Diff Qr (KTS)
- add Source Graph (Stulle)
- add Sidebanner (MorphXT)
- add Friend Handling in DL/Up/Qr List (Xman)
- add client Percentage
- add XS-workaround for older clients (WIZARD)
- add Fix Connection Collision (Sirob)
- add SpreadReask (Spike2)
- add Ip2Country
- add Mod ID in Statistics (Slugfiller)
- add Credits Reset Exploit Prevention (netfinity)
- add Secure SUI (netfinity)
- add Force deletion (Xman)
- add Never ban Friends (KTS)
- add Add passive source after we evaluated (netfinity)
- add Static server handling (Mighty Knife)
- add CATCH EXCEPTIONS Fix (Mealla)
- add faster Updating of Queuelist (Xman)
- add coloured Downloadstatus (dlarge)
- add coloured Uplist to Queuerank (dlarge)
- add show Low Id`s in Downloadlist (dlarge)
- add Better Passive Source Finding (XMAN)
- add Enhanced ClientRecognization (Spike2)
- add Variable Compression (MorphXT)
- add Requested blocks are now clipped to chunk limits and max. allowed block size (Slugfiller)
- add Auto Kad Firewall Recheck (WIZARD)
- add Find best Sources (Xman)
- add see Own Credits (VQ
- add DoubleLucas Fix (Slugfiller)
- add Relax On StartUp (WIZARD)
- add Proper KadClientList-Client deletion (WIZARD)
- add Faster Re-Ask on MLdonkeys (WIZARD)
- add DL Part completion speed-up code (BlueSonicBoy)
- add LoopImprovement Code Fix (NeoMule/WIZARD)
- add Server Message Filter (WIZARD)
- add Dont Overwrite BakFiles (Xman)
- add Anti-Shape (netfinity)

...many other Fixes and Optimations
applejuice + angeldr34m = Appledr34m

eMule 0.47c - Appledr34m v1.2.rar (2.47 MB)

older Version:
eMule 0.47c - Appledr34m v1.1 modded by dlarge.rar (2.17 MB) - Mirror

links checked 06.01.08


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