Wednesday, February 7, 2007

eMule 0.47c [pP.r10]

emule pP

Based on official client 0.47c with Webcache 2.0

Added : System Info [?/SmartMuli]
Added : SysInfo, support for WinVista using Windows registry [pP]
Fixed : various flaws in r9 code (as far as it was taken over to r10)
Added : New NoUpload [unlocked only]
You can totally stop uploading or set exceptions for friends and
Powershared files.
Added : Visualization for bad ratios (red), friends (blue) and lowids (yellow)
in all lists. Recognized pP Mods are shown with green coloring.
Bad clients are not painted red anymore, the ClientAnalyzers Skull
icon should be enough to recognize them.
Added : FeedBack for files on download [icecream/taken from Smartmuli]
Added : Clean up for QueueList
Added : pP Mods are shown with decoded ModVersion in all lists
-> r10 and later explicitely, older ones are grouped to r9
Added : Save/Load Sources [enkeyDev/taken from smartmuli]
Added : SlotLimiter recoded
Added : Recoded uploadmanagement, all limiters rewritten and made stricter
Changed: Closed last wanted backdoor in AuthSystem ;) Live and let die...
updated: AuthSystem to v4.1
Added : Separate timers for ModIcon and IP2C autoupdates [24h interval]
Added : Switch to turn off IP2C icons on files separaely
Changed: IP2C on Files shows the NONE flag if no origin was determined
Added : Startup Flood Prevention (forgotten in earlier ChLogs) [wizard]
Added : Clear Banlist [pP.r5b, updated by uns33n.evil]
Added : Icon for pP Mods (Clientlists && ModLog)
Fixed : Hungup downloadboxes can now be terminated [unseen.evil/pP]
Fixed : List lockup when using the uploadmanagement [uns33n.evil]
Fixed : List hangup when unsharing complete files while uploading them [uns33n.evil]
Fixed : Wrong enumberation of Up/Dn List tabs [thx to DS9 for reporting]
Fixed : CReport filenamefix for US date format
Fixed : Reconnect on IPChange && made optional again
Fixed : DownloadList, update when friendstatus is removed
Fixed : Debug Assertions on startup [pP]
Removed: PushToUp for Powersharefiles
Removed: Last fragments of community code
Changed: Authsystem can process eMul€€cher keys now aswell
Changed: Recoded most parts of the mod after HDD crash +RIP r9+

Authkey included so no upload can activated.

Read info.txt before using versions after r9e !!!

eMule pP r10.rar (3.29 MB)

Download - Mirror - Mirror

credits to seba14

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