Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BitTornado 0.3.18 mod - BT EQ v5.0

- upload multiplier
- upload kick
and more...

Based on BitTornado 0.3.18

Change Log (from EQ v4.2)
- Based on latest 0.3.18 mod.
- Display tracker in use on the front panel.
- No time to do any new fancy tricks, sorry.

Notes on use:
- take care in the rate of uload multiplier or upload kick when there are less than two other partially completed peers. Its easy to see the difference in up vs down volume/rate on most tracker stats.
- Setting the session ratio to 1 (or 2) stops your upload ratio going over the top on small torrents
- This isn't a zero upload client, always try and upload as much as you can anyway (say 80% of upload capacity)
- New trackers now log more stats and will detect a client that uploads heaps and leaves in a short period of time. Consistent upload is the key to not being detected so don't use upload kick too much.
- Upload kick (IMPORTANT) This client updates its tracker stats (announce) every 30 minutes from the start, some trackers calculate your effective upload rate per announce and will auto ban you if its over a certain value. Don't kick too much up per 30 minutes and remember a manual announce immediately after an upload kick is not a good idea!

BitTornado Equaliser Mod v5.0.rar (2.84 MB)
- (Mirror1)

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