Friday, February 2, 2007

eMule 0.47c - K.O.T. v3 light

Changelog :

v3 Light:
-Only No UP -> Remove choice
-No Statistics UP/Graph
-No queuesize
-No Updateversion
-Simplification Transfer Window -> No queue/No upload queue/No Client queue/ No known Client....
-No Messages/Help/IRC/Shared Files Windows
-No Link/Scheduler/Wizard in ToolBar
-Only DL in connection window
-No Proxy/Notification/IRC/Scheduler/Web interface/Minimule in Option.
-No USS disabled and useless lol
-No transfert Full Chunk because useless....
-Only DL in Tranfert rate lol
-Only Useful information in Systray mule
-Modification of Copy Stats without upload

-Global Hard limite[Darksky]
-Cache sources [Darksky]
-Sources Graph [Miles/Stulle]
-Copy Stats [mix with Diclonius and Me lol]
-Server Rotation (each 20mn) on/off in Connection Window [Mix with gatchymule and my own job ]

-no share files
-no send list to server
-no ratio
-No up on/off
-change buffer size and queue size
-WiZaRd FiX
-Xman Code Fix
-optimisation search Kad
-Fake rank
-auto drop NNS/FQ/HQR
-If Up, No share complet files

eMule 0.47c - K.O.T. v3 light.rar (1.34 MB) - (Mirror)

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