Saturday, February 24, 2007

eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.2.1

Changelog eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.2.1:
- fixed bug loading Applejuice Credits
- save Applejuice Credits of other Clients in "credits_index.dat" file
- some minor improvements on Community Topfile List
Changelog eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.2:
based on Xtreme v5.4.1

- Search Community Topfiles in Search Window
- better finding Community Contacts
- fixed bug loading Applejuice Credits
- at least 10 Community Contacts needed to Save Applejuice or load Community Topfiles
- reduced size of credits.met file (old credits.met files will be replaced)
- own Upload Level for Files on Upload priority PowerRelease
- decreased PowerRelease Upload priority back to xtreme setting
- stop automatic started Creditdownloads at a certain amount of Applejuice Credits
- set default non-Community Slot Setting to 0

Changelog eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.2 Beta5:
- fixed bug saving Applejuice Credits
- show indexed Community Topfiles in network info dialog
- save indexed Community Topfiles in "topfiles_index.dat" file
- auto clean old entries from Community Topfile List
- other improvements on Community Topfile List
- show real Community Modstrings for new/new2 Clients (Razorback3 v3.0/Titandonkey v3.0)
- Razorback3 and Titandonkey Community Client icons

Changelog eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.2 Beta4:
- fixed save/load Applejuice answer was not recognized correctly
- fixed displaying save/load Applejuice messages
- Community Topfile List (beta! not available in public version yet)

Changelog eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.2 Beta3:
- continued work on Community Kad Network
- always connect to Kademlia Network
- new method to save and load Applejuice Credits via Community Kad Network (beta!)
- increased save Applejuice Credits maximal time to 24 hours
- set min Applejuice Credits to enable Creditdownload to 30 L
- improved Community Source Exchange for Files with many Community Clients to save Overhead
- send automatic Community Messages only to Applejuice Mods
- minor improvements on Community Upload system
- removed send Applejuice File Comment
- Links to Esel Power Board
- Link to Applejuice Homepage in Applejuice Preferences window
- Link to Futuremods Forum on toolbar Help button

Changelog eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.2 Beta2:
- started work on Community Kad Network
- fixed bug disabling Applejuice Creditdownload
- some minor changes

Changelog eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.2 Beta1:
Applejuice Creditsystem:
- send Creditfaker Message only once to every Client who faked his Applejuice Credits
- faster remove Clients from Upload if they stop Creditdownload
- fixed some minor bugs


- set lowest allowed Remote Queuerank for Upload Management to < style="font-weight: bold;">

eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.2.1 - (Mirror) (5.3 MB)
eMule v0.47c Applejuice v1.2

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