Sunday, March 1, 2009

VMProtect V1.74

VMProtect - protection of the software

Version 1.7
[!] Sections having the SHAREABLE+WRITABLE flags are not packed now
[!] Minor bugs have been fixed
[*] The import protection for SYS files has been improved
[*] SYS files are now packed better (the WRITABLE flag is no longer set for packed sections)
[*] Debugger detection has been improved
[+] The "Memory protection" option has been added (this option protects memory against changes while the application is running)
[+] The "Virtualization tools detection (VMware/Virtual PC)" option has been added
[+] The EntryPoint property for the TPEFile class has been added to the script

Version 1.65
[!] Minor bugs are fixed
[*] The import protection has been improved
[*] The debugger detection has been improved
[+] The detection of unpaired markers has been added (unpaired markers are available in list of objects)
[+] New markers with established compilation type has been added: VMProtectBeginVirtualization, VMProtectBeginMutation and VMProtectBeginUltra
[+] The Traditional Chinese language has been added

VMProtect 1.64 Pre / 1.63
The example by use of markers in Lazarus is added
DDK added includes/libs
Gui Languages: English, German, simpl. Chinese, trad. Chinese, Italian, Spain, Russian

VMProtect V1.70 setup + extras.exe 1.47 MB

VMProtect V1.63 setup + extras full.exe 1.62 MB
VMProtect V1.64 pre setup + extras.exe 1.64 MB

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Test c++9:

eMuletest.vmp.exe 3.33 MB

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