Sunday, March 8, 2009

TCP-Z v2.6.0.64 Beta by deepxw

The New Version of TCP-Z supports now Mulilanguages.
Many new features,...


2009.02.05, V2.5.1.50
* GUI program, identify whether tcpip.sys is the original file without modification.
* GUI program, supports Windows XP x64 SP1 early version.
* GUI program & Drivers, supports Windows Vista SP2 RC v.275, x64, 6.0.6002.16659.

2009.03.07, V2.6.0.64 Beta
+ Support more language. German by; Italian by FSoft; Polish by PrEzi; Romanian by StelistCristi; Bulgarian by ExaFlop; Swedish by Marshall Mathers; Thai by Pruthisith. Thank them.
+ Statistics of incoming and outgoging attempts...
+ Statistics of connections by each program.
+ Mini bar;
+ function of change the alignment of peak label.
+ Save setting at exit.

Check it out: Download Beta Version
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File checksumes by this version are:

File: TCPZ.exe
Size: 699 KB (716.136 bytes)
CRC-32: e43c2196
MD4: b5e565030a83cec6fca5c208ffa7ce76
MD5: 6bd77d1c993e452dc95534a31b1aeecb
SHA-1: cadfa203064b5b034493a43c3715aaf943873606

File: TCPZ64.exe
Size: 975 KB (998.760 bytes)
CRC-32: b17a19b9
MD4: bd9a50a4c0a16624a7ae01bc4a4387f2
MD5: 018b70cef86ed5d07a6c1ab6691efa42
SHA-1: 3d87818c52367897f62660709fa0a41efab6a933

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