Tuesday, March 31, 2009

iMule v1.3.5 the anonymous eMule | I2P 0.7.1

IMule is based on the I2P Anonymity Network which is a Router or Mixer-Network.
*I*Mule is the anonymous filesharing of *E*Mule, the worlds most famous filesharing software next to gnutella and torrent.
Download and Share Files without revealing your IP-Adress or our Identity. Safe and Secure, just Anonymous Filesharing. Based on the Anonymity Network I2P (Invisible Internet Project) Imule is protecting you while Downloading and Sharing Files.
Your IP-Adress is not shown to the requester or owner of the file.

Last version : 1.3.5

* bug corrected: 1kB/s upload limit removed

BBS + other os builds:


Download the compiled versions for Windows above, or download also the sources for compiling yourself on Linux. Try downloading by pasting the ed2k-link in IMule (or - if available - Emule). It should be more reliable (if not faster) than a http-download via i2p.

Download for Windows:

Debian Package |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: bcce53b3a9b0a3f2b917055916b589b9|

Linux Nomad Binaries |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: 4567c6700f3831870d4a26efd3cde5db|

Windows Binaries |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: b1d9b3cdc631993ce3b52254b7fdffdf|

Source-Code / Linux |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: 690971a0e9186a615e24a3d63697d1dd|


You can access the last sources via the SVN sources repository.

Latest I2P Anonymous Network Software:
2009-03-29 - I2P 0.7.1 - Announcement - Download


Anonymous said...

Flashget 3.0 Final
Supposed ed2k link.

Someone can do a green package(no install)?

Anonymous said...

I tried to remove all ads and banner, but I failed.

IlLusioN said...

Thank you!!!

I will look at it. I can't remember what it was all (several files dll's and exe etc.. url, ip's embedded), will try to clean it over the weekend. Is FlashGet Mini updated too?

IlLusioN said...

Latest FlashGetMini Ads free release today its near finished. FlashGet 3 ads free follow later

Anonymous said...

here the new sbi leecher emule 0.49c witout passwort


Anonymous said...

sbi leecher emule 0.49c emule.exe is scrambled/crypted again this time with:

VMProtect v.1.6x (demo) 2003-2008 PolyTech -

I don't start such a process unless have it propper unpacked. Won't trust in it as long its protected.
Publishing it fear that list the website domain.

Anonymous said...

Thouse emule exe hooks in explorer/filesystem access to delete not permitted, unless using prozess explorer and kill it manuely

Anonymous said...


this is not normal 4 eMule.exe coding

.2j71ug0 0x7b8000 0x46ece 0x0 0.00 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
.2j71ug1 0x7ff000 0x34dd0 0x0 0.00 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
.2j71ug2 0x835000 0x27a758 0x27b000 7.93 f5f3f58fba004bc58d5cbe75e3ad594c

( 1 exports )
_wbg_7.K_Us_h_ lmr_v4 _9_Kr_waIk_@_kdwhEB_P@__G_2__R Xfc_3___M____f2_pTh_t_OigD__k_6oh_EqskZL_Q___7_Q__sQ2_ u_dG__A_b_fi_X__ _X___sV____SaScD_a___4Y_e@ms__D__n__3E_T_siLU_p_TYE7t6_l5c__P__R_E1____Gj_l$c_c_bF_Na$5__JGQnA_EqEP_F_F4____a9fH__21__7_2RM_tE__kctwY@__5p Y___Jh_6bZVj2a$_AsVO_eL5wO1NPdkW@9A_p___Yf53g_Hb_c_ P__tl3BI_x_I_ebt__53__o._Wf.g__O9@_43b@_CF_wZm_9Q6_T1_H5__mb_M________0D6___________K___xY_pCUpH6___$_6te___7_Yw_GPitl___8Ip6x_sm_KNdi_e_eg4_H_koj_f0dH3__ _CPlG163_A_akT__WK_93Jp__ksij_VO3z__7BN_Q_Tb_r_Oe2D5b__ y5Vw___LkJvZ5_f$u___yD2gh___I__C_____$Tc__Nv_$Pt40GH_S__Q_GKuV1c 5hy__ZS__j_op0___i.u_kH._USN__KL_edZ__O$9D_g__z_5Ucw_2___6FY_____x3_5xhdnq1T__.hRwh_i_d___8Ndx____lzdXpv9Ql_Tf__66tB50__3bqn_V_s5@wv_S_JJ_v_X2_a1_Ew_U_r5_2_Tu_V_t.pp_1YR6b_Qp___Gz_Ix78io_iz@dk_FN_j_yh_._lLK_H5q____Ukx_q.BN@__qD0n._lmxB_0yjvci6_u___eFt4XH____X.um_3JV@_d@pcqvq___V__jU9A.i3_25__q5TCR__9_il2h0X_f__3_PO__U__2I___Qq42aNSV09_r___L_v_17NAmSv_$_U$_Xfk_I_uC__Pp1_____@kQl@__No5rL_K__$@v_mM__ZE_xd__Y_z._Egw___boQ6_e_gG______.__Trp_@ZJd___Un_9msIf___U@_Zh._K_4Yh20u8V.z___ESdi_FX_10_fgCU_6j_@mbUj__t8___w__Bbged_v__eKsc__lgT_JwWomL___S_Gz_EdG5$LzF_UHq95pwT_O_HcDXp_____r_zi__yI_d4_ydH___6LR_Y8bRk1_yBUS8eX_U__4vCW_79___oNTR__C2_672_lDdM_5Yu_2Qj_o2__4C_

= VMProtect or fake signature sticked into it

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

All Protectors and unpackers

Anonymous said...


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