Saturday, March 28, 2009

eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2 Privat Edition by morph4u

eMule 0.49c MorphXT 11.2 by morph4u

eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2 Privat Edition by morph4u
eMule 0.49c MorphXT 11.2 Private Edition by morph4u



+ Random Modstring
+ Friendboost
+ Commboost
+ Unlimited Slot
+ Force Uploadslot
+ Single Reask
+ Copy eD2K link [/URL]
+ Select all in menu
+ UpPrio in downloadlist
+ Only Upload to eMule
+ Emulate Others
+ Enhanced Client Recognization
+ Auto Drop Immunity
+ Shutdown Options
+ Custom Prio
+ Variable bantime
+ Kick
+ Ban
+ Push
+ Changed Queuesize settings
+ Powershare in WebInterface (use eMule.tmpl in package)
+ Some colors in lists
+ Changed some icons

- Removed all restrictions
- Removed/Changed many features i dont need ;-)


http DDL: Mirror1 | Mirror2 | Mirror3 | Mirror4
Fileshare host: 3.72 MB - Mirror

MorphXT Private Edition lite is the best eMule 0.49c MorphXT Mod ever!

Thanks a lot

This Mod is also compatible with Windows 2000 + Windows XP SP1 and later:

see click on picture for fullscreen

May contain some code parts from Stulle at Highschool(The King of eMule MoDs).


morph4u said...

Well, dont "shocked" its realy a "lite made" morph, but i like this way and i cant remember seen a "lite" morph this way. Hope this mod work well, its not tested anytime. ;-)

IlLusioN said...

Super. Thanks a lot!
All bugs are fixed I seen. Great work! Keep it up

morph4u said...

Sure all fixed? iam not sure. The mod is not tested. Only runs at me, but think most wotk ;-) Done my best at this fast time. Must see the feedback what is maybe to change...

Anonymous said...

100% I can not say because I never use official emule binaries if a source code exist ,but the display bugs are gone.

morph4u said...

lol, sure is the display bug gone, that feature is not in my version.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to drop Winsock 2 in one version for older OS such as Windows 2000 up to Windows XP service pack 1?

Anonymous said...

Upload Stats:

|--> Uploadzeit: 5:57 Stunden (99.7%)
|--> Upload-Geschwindigkeit: 98.03 KB/s
|--> Durchsch. Upload-Rate: 92.14 KB/s
|--> Max. Uploadrate: 98.17 KB/s
|--> Max. durchschnittliche Uploadrate: 0 B/s
|--> Hochgeladen: 1.88 GB
|--> Aktive Uploads: 9
|--> Wartende Uploads: 26

Download Stats:
|--> Downloadzeit: 5:57 Stunden (99.6%)
|--> Aktive Downloads: 9
|--> Download-Geschwindigkeit: 97.24 KB/s
|--> Durchsch. Download-Rate: 184.10 KB/s
|--> Max. Downloadrate: 989.93 KB/s
|--> Max. Downloadrate Durchschnitt: 0 B/s
|--> Heruntergeladen: 3.76 GB
|--> Gefundene Quellen: 54
|--> Zu viele Verbindungen: 0
|--> In Warteschleife: 44
|--> Nachfragen: 0
|--> Verbindung wird hergestellt: 0
|--> Keine benötigten Teile: 0
|--> Andere Datei angefordert: 22
|--> Voll: 1
|--> Verbindung LowID zu LowID unmöglich: 0
|--> Gebannt: 36

|--> Session UL:DL Ratio: 1 : 2.00
|--> Gesamtgröße freigegebener Dateien: 11.47 GB
|--> Anzahl freigegebener Dateien: 8
|--> Anzahl der Downloads: 5
|--> Beendete Downloads: 0
|--> Identifikation (pos : neg): 58 (96.7%) : 2 (3.3%) : 0 (0.0%)
|--> Download Sessions: 342
|--> Erfolgreiche Download Sessions: 340 (99.42%)
|--> Fehlgeschlagene Download Sessions: 2 (0.58%)
|--> Upload Sessions: 269
|--> Erfolgreiche Upload-Sessions: 248 (92.19%)
|--> Fehlgeschlagene Upload-Sessions: 21 (7.81%)

|--> *** Modded by morph4u ***


morph4u said...

hm, have running vista, dont know. and nothing checked about this. but tell me, is there any change?

IlLusioN said...

Hello Poland does this MorphXT works on Windows 2000 and XP SP1?

Please comment on here

I tested on Windows 2003, works fine. Performance is better by this Privat MorphXT.

ILLutioN said...

Sollte mit w2k gehen

eben mal die imports der winsock2 gescannt

morph4u said...

its build with vs2003 at me

IlLusioN said...

Yups its on the used Microsoft SDKs
by up to v5.0 it will work upto vs2008. Using v6.0A = Vista sdk it will not.

Great done!

Anonymous said...

This mod working good !

Thanks a lot!!!


Patcher for Emule Morph 0.49c 11.2 [23-03-2009], merged to 0.49c with a huge changelog $tUll3's compiled Binaries needed to eliminate entrypoint by '0fficiAl m0rpHXT 11.2' this make You NOT need at least SP2 AFAIK.(SP3 released you know must buy new hardware possible) ? ? ?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can be the way upnplib is to compile not on Windos SDK's?

CCCP said...

It need < censored > filter for this Person with Name Stulle.

Can not edit so I delete you Stulle cause you only can use dirty words. Go and put your dirty words in your forums, there you can trash all full with dirty words..

The only luck I have manual Ban in all sources merged to kick you!

Stulle said...

hahaahahahah your fail is epicness squared! just for your interest, i did not hack you but big up for the person that did. he should have placed a nice little defacement on the server, that would have been nice.

Ivan1969 said...

whats on ever 444 permission now to public www folder + .htaccess he got nothing importand but we have his stupid shell script what he lost on the main folder root dir.
Therefore Blogspot is most save.
by the way the germn forum for this shell script kiddies have been found.

what do ya mean failed. morph4 you mods are a lot faster.

Stulle said...

right and his mod was produced entirely without contribution by myself... no wait, i merged to 0.49c, not him... i wrote the PS on webinterface feature, not him... you are ridiculing yourself. i think even morph4u knows who had the bigger job. anyway, i was not remarking on this crap mod but on the "admins" of this blog who failed so much. well, i hope the bad german board skript kiddies won't have to laugh too hard from hacking this blog... too much laughter can cause sore muscles...

CCCP said...

If try to hack Google, u can be for sure to get unblievable trouble. A few backups have been done in such case. Also Wordpress sites on 2 ip's can be switched online anytime which have import the whole blog. Please stop this stupid hacking attacks on Webhosts!!!

Anonymous said...


on log is: a little bit down

< null >

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