Friday, February 6, 2009

eMule v0.49c BETA 1

To gain more testing of this release, we hand out a Beta version of the coming 0.49c.
Please read this post for details about beta versions.

About eMule 0.49c:

Dear eMule users,
in the 7th year anno eMule we are once again happy to present you a new version: eMule 0.49c. As the name indicates, this version is mostly a maintance version concentrating on fixing all the problems and bugs you reported, implementing requested improvements and of course keeping Kad updated.
Out of those many smaller changes, the most noticeable are:

* Ability to share and unshare single files instead of directories only and also support of Drag&Drop to do so easily
* Support of new security features on Windows Vista (and partially also XP) to further harden eMule against any possible exploits
* Automatic recovery of corrupt part.met files by using the backupfiles
* Kad improvements like automatic search-keyword rearranging (allowing searches like 'an eMule' and also helping to reduce load on busy nodes), avoiding fragmented UDP packets (making it more compatible to zealous firewalls) and other changes
* Improving UPnP by refreshing the mappings as well as adding Webinterface support
* And as always fixing bugs and adding other small changes

For all the details, check out the complete changelog below!


eMule 0.49c BETA1
- Feb, 4. 2009 -
.: Dates shown in the download list have their own time format setting ("DateTimeFormat4Lists" in preferences.ini) which is by default more compact than the old one
.: Added a column to the download list which shows the date when the download was started

- Feb, 2. 2009 -
.: Kad routing query contacts are checked against the routing table
.: Kad no longer allows more than 2 IPs from the same subnet within one routing query reply (except on LANs)
.: Fixed small bug in the uploadthrottler [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]

- Jan, 27. 2009 -
.: The Kad UDP firewalltest now asks several clients for its external port, avoiding to get a wrong "Open" state on NATs which change the source port on each request but behave like a Full-Cone otherwise
.: Kad now rechecks incoming search results against the filters used for a search and drops all results which fail (which should only happen for buggy clients and spam results)

- Jan, 25. 2009 -
.: When corrupted part.met files are detected, eMule now automatically tries to use the part.met.bak files instead //partfile.h
.: Some data (like the AICH hashset, statistics, metadata etc) from known/downloaded files which were not shared within the last month now gets purged to save ressources and avoid an unlimited growth of the known.met files
(the first purge will be done one month after upgrading, if you have "Remember downloaded files" disabled all unshared files are completely deleted right away so this change would have no further effect)
.: If you want to avoid this purging for some reason you can put "PartiallyPurgeOldKnownFiles=0" in the "eMule" section of your preferences.ini

- Jan, 20. 2009 -
.: When sorting lists for file types, eMule now further sorts by extension when the filetype is the equal

- Jan, 11. 2009 -
.: On simple search queries Kad now rearrenges the used keywords itself and uses the longest keyword to determine which node to ask. This reduces the search load on common used keyword nodes like "and", makes such keyword a less viable target to attackers and allows users to do a search which begina with a short keyword like "An eMule"
.: You can deactivate this by putting "RearrangeKadSearchKeywords=0" into the "eMule" section of the (there isn't much reason to do so for normal users however)

- Jan, 10. 2009 -
.: You can now also share single file and directories by Drag&Drop - simply drag them from (for example) the Windows Explorer into your Shared Files list
.: You can now share and unshare single files in the shared files window by chking/unchecking the files in the "All directories" tree. Downloading files and files in the incoming directory cannot be unshared
(first one is required for the network the second one is for consistency as the incoming dir is not handled as optional shared dir, therefore not marked in the tree as shared which again would make it pretty hard to find it to reshare any excluded files)
.: Kad file/source search answers now try to avoid using fragmented packets, making it more compatible to zealous firewalls routers which block those (effect increases as more nodes update to this version)

- Jan, 5. 2009 -
.: Fixed a possible crash in the (minilib) UPnP implementation
.: The Webinterface port can now also be forwarded by UPnP (Options->Webinterface)
.: The UPnP mappings are checked and refreshed if needed before Kad firewallchecks, after waking up from suspend and on smart lowid detection when connecting to servers
// Thank you for adding it in the official eMule !!!

- Jan, 3. 2009 -
.: The allowed comment size has been increased to 128 characters
.: Fixed a bug which made the download list use the wrong text color in some cases, mostly noticed on special windows themes

- Dec, 22. 2008 -
.: Added support for Windows 'Heap Corruption Detection' security feature (Windows Vista)
.: Added support for Windows 'Address Space Layout Randomization' security feature (Windows Vista)

- Dec, 21. 2008 -
.: Added support for preview the content of ISO files. (file details->content)
Reads the content of ISO9660 and Joliet images. (no UDF support)
.: Made sure a received Kad routing answer doesn't contain more contacts than requested [Xin Sun]

- Dec, 19. 2008 -
.: Added support for Windows 'Data Execution Prevention' security feature (Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista)
.: Added support for Windows 'Exception Handling Protection' security feature (Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista)

- Oct, 22. 2008 -
.: Added: Crash dump files are created in the 'config' directory. [thx.gif tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
.: Fixed a flaw which caused too few randomness when generating a new ed2k userhash [godlaugh2007]

- Oct, 21. 2008 -
.: Added showing of watermark images to listviews (see "LvBkImg" entries in "Template.eMuleSkin.ini")

- Oct, 18. 2008 -
.: Unified drawing of multiple selected items in all listviews.
.: Several optimizations in listview drawing.
.: Added drag image for files in Transfers window (used when dragging selected items onto a category tab).
.: Fixed showing of tooltips for multiple selected items in Server and Search window.

- Oct, 11. 2008 -
.: Added auto-sizezing of column widths to all list views (double clicking on column divider will size the column width appropriatly)
.: Added label tips for partially visible sub items in all list views.
.: Added default sort orders to list views in Transfers window.
.: Added list view search functions for sub items.
.: Fixed sorting bug in File Name dialog.

- Sep, 27. 2008 -
.: Added support for DVR-MS files to "Content" page of File Details dialog and published meta data.
.: Minor change in auto-sizing controls of Search Parameters pane.
.: Added reading of meta data for WAV files to "Content" page of File Details dialog.
.: Added publishing of ED2K specific meta data for WAV and WMA files.
.: Added columns for ED2K meta data to Shared Files window.

- Sep, 23. 2008 -
.: Added "ResolveSharedShellLinks=1" option to "preferences.ini" (section "eMule") which lets eMule share 'linked' files (Windows Explorer shortcuts). This way one can also share files within unshared directories by creating Windows Explorer Shortcuts to those files within a shared directory.
.: Added reading of meta data for Windows Media files to "Content" page of File Details dialog.

- Sep, 14. 2008 -
.: Added yet another method to determine whether the MediaInfo library is installed.
.: Added support for multi-user configurations for Win9X/WinME/WinNT (requires at least IE5).
.: Added support for previewing self extracting RAR archives.
.: Fixed broken ED2K link and eMule Collection file registry functions for Win98/WinME/WinNT.

- Sep, 13. 2008 -
.: Fixed a resizing bug with the main toolbar under Win98.
.: Fixed message box contents for downloading a proper version of DBGHELP.DLL for Win9x/WinME/Win2000.
.: Fixed a crash with deleting completed or shared files under Win98.
.: Added: Downloaded files are marked in the same way as by 'Internet Explorer' which leads to showing a warning message from 'Windows' when opening potential malicious files (for Windows XP SP2 or later).
.: Added: Opening DRM protected files shows a warning message to prevent accidental opening of a web browser and navigating to malicious sites.

- Sep, 11. 2008 -
.: Fixed bug with missing update for filter text on changing the language [JvA]
.: (Win98) Fixed bug with default search file type setting

- Sep, 4. 2008 -
.: Added new browse file/directory buttons to property pages in Options dialog.

- Sep, 2. 2008 -
.: Fixed some redrawing/resizing problems and reduced flickering in several main eMule windows.

- Sep, 1. 2008 -
.: Fixed bugs with file tooltips for Win98/Win2000.
.: Fixed a problem with corrupt stored search results [George1]

- Aug, 30. 2008 -
.: Fixed: It was possible to add eMule installation folder(s) to the shared files list when using the directory tree control in the Shared Files window.
.: Fixed a bug with disk space statistics for newly added downloads [fox88]
.: Fixed some potential compatibility problems with Windows NT 4.0.
.: Fixed problem with some missing icons under Win98.

- Aug, 24. 2008 -
.: Fixed: Some Unicode strings where not stored correctly in meta data for part files.
.: Fixed some possible Unicode issues in Kad search expressions.
.: Removed the "Search with Unicode" search option - searches are always with Unicode.
.: Removed support for *.met file backward compatibility with non-Unicode eMule versions.
.: Removed support for the "SetSystemACP" setting in preferences.ini.
.: Added support for detecting if the MediaInfo library ( is installed on the system and automatically using it within the "Content" page for part/shared files.
.: Updated Kad Unicode mapping table for supporting current Unicode standard used by Vista.

- Aug, 16. 2008 -
.: Fixed: Some Unicode strings where not stored correctly in search spam filter.

- Aug, 15. 2008 -
.: Added a NT-volume info cache to speed up handling of shared directories on non-fixed drives.
.: Fixed: With certain code pages some Unicode characters where not stored correctly in *.met files [Borschtsch]
.: Fixed: Some Unicode strings where not stored correctly in meta data for shared files.

- Aug, 11. 2008 -
.: Changed location for "downloads.txt" to eMule-config folder.

- Aug, 10. 2008 -
.: Added sorting of entries in "Shared Directories" and "Incoming Files" section of "Shared Files" tree view.
.: Added showing of the parent folder for entries in "Shared Directories" and "Incoming Files" section of "Shared Files" tree view.
.: Added showing of 'not connected' shared directories to "Shared Directories" and "Incoming Files" section of "Shared Files" tree view.
.: Added keeping of shared directories which are 'not connected' when starting eMule.
.: Added populating of a warning icon overlay to "Shared Directories" and "Incoming Files" section of "Shared Files" tree view to indicate that there is at least one directory in that folder which is 'not connected'.
.: Added verifying of the 'connected' state for all shared directories when updating the "Shared Files" tree view by using the 'Reload' button.

- Aug, 9. 2008 -
.: Fixed enablement of Start/Cancel button in Search Window for closed Kad searches.
.: Fixed invisible gripper control in Transfer Window.
.: Fixed standard Windows Property Sheet shortcuts in Options dialog.
.: Fixed several unlikely to happen but theoretically though possibles crashes.
.: Removed restrictions for sharing drives 'A:' and 'B:'.

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all files:
cvs not public

new browse dir buttons - backw.



4 Nova team:

Merged to sivka mod, check file dates by the builds!
Latest proper merged new official upnp impl. does not work this way! Using msg svr failed retrie count connect status via socks from build b4 emule-newupnp.exe -> doing upnp reset/remap. another way calling 2 remap upnp if modem is behind a second router, upnp device detect it asap net connect again. most other fixes from 0.49c are merged!

Lez call it Athlazan+ mod [to not get in conflict with stulles 1st sivka plain merge]. sivka have not the many features (re) added (refresh the client by sivka etc...) in this merge: / SLUGFILLER / xrmb / VQB / ... near all original sivka features readded and updated to 0.49b base + most 49c fixes, [exclude sivkas community features] ... read sivka mod changelogs before v0.48 + Athlazan ( based on sivka ) history.

All Builds in one zip file:
Download http
Download torrent

PodMail link:

Compiler note:
SSE2 switch / full optimization, sorted lib sources be4 compiling using latest VS 2008 SP1 + some patches -> ~200 kb less size weight (~1 MB less as with vs 2005)

lightweight w/o ripping features but adding:

with new upnp impl. 0.49c [ don't detect upnp modem behind router after a disconnect as soon line is back online 2do a reset/remapping ]
eMule-newupnp.exe, eMule.exe - Samstag, 7. Februar 2009, 20:29:14 / 18:07:02
4,65 MB (4.882.944 bytes)

========================================================================= Mike, don't tell me am 2stupid 2do all upnp changes from c build right into b. test by self, disconnect dsl modem and reconnect online =============================================

Last propper builds with working upnp svr reconnect after a line drop:

...line was down....
...internet online again...
07.02.2009 20:56:48: TVU DonkeyServer No1 - Now On New Hardware ( scheint voll zu sein /svr full messages.....
07.02.2009 20:56:48: Versuche Port-Weiterleitungen via UPnP einzustellen...
07.02.2009 20:56:57: UPnP hat erfolgreich Portweiterleitungen für die Ports 33456 (TCP) und 54367 (UDP) durchgeführt.
07.02.2009 20:57:16: Verbinde zu eDonkeyServer No2 ( - nutze Protokoll-Obfuskation) ...
07.02.2009 20:57:18: Verbunden mit eDonkeyServer No2 (, sende Login Anforderung
07.02.2009 20:57:25: Obfuskierte Verbindung zu: eDonkeyServer No2 aufgebaut (
07.02.2009 20:57:25: Neue Client-ID ist xxxxxxxxxx
07.02.2009 20:57:25: CLIENT-ID changed from HighID=xxxxxxxxxx to HighID=xxxxxxxxxx
07.02.2009 20:57:25: CLIENT-IP changed from to
07.02.2009 20:57:25: CLIENT-IP was changed, all sources will be reasked in the next 10 mins!


08.02.2009 00:01:10: Client TCP socket (OnConnect): Error 10065: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host.; Client=....
08.02.2009 00:01:15: Received proper magic value after DH-Agreement from Serverconnection IP:
08.02.2009 00:01:40: Using Windows Service based UPnP Implementation for current try
08.02.2009 00:01:49: Found UPnP service: urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1
08.02.2009 00:01:49: Got status info from the service urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1: |VT_BSTR=Connected|VT_BSTR=ERROR_NONE|VT_UI4=80|
08.02.2009 00:01:49: Callback added for the service urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1
08.02.2009 00:01:49: UPnP route:>
08.02.2009 00:01:49: UPnP device state variable PossibleConnectionTypes changed to IP_Routed in urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1
08.02.2009 00:01:49: UPnP device state variable ConnectionStatus changed to Connected in urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1
08.02.2009 00:01:49: UPnP device state variable ExternalIPAddress changed to in urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1
08.02.2009 00:01:49: UPnP device state variable PortMappingNumberOfEntries changed to 5 in urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1
08.02.2009 00:01:50: UPnP device state variable PossibleConnectionTypes changed to IP_Routed in urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1
08.02.2009 00:01:50: UPnP device state variable ConnectionStatus changed to Connected in urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1
08.02.2009 00:01:50: UPnP device state variable ExternalIPAddress changed to in urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1
08.02.2009 00:01:50: UPnP device state variable PortMappingNumberOfEntries changed to 5 in urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANIPConn1
08.02.2009 00:01:56: Server, Sendlist: Packet size:4432
08.02.2009 00:01:56: Public IP Address reported from Kademlia ( differs from new found (
08.02.2009 00:01:56: Possible IP Change - Checking for expired Server UDP-Keys: 2 UDP Keys total, 2 UDP Keys expired, 0 immediate UDP Pings forced, 2 delayed UDP Pings forced
08.02.2009 00:01:59: Tried to add source with matching hash to your own.
08.02.2009 00:01:59: Tried to add source with matching hash to your own.

eMule-beforeupnp.exe - Samstag, 7. Februar 2009, 14:40:40 [ last propper before new upnp imp. from .49c ] - most other fixes are incl. from 49c
4,65 MB (4.878.336 bytes)

eMule-fix1.exe - Samstag, 7. Februar 2009, 14:01:49
4,65 MB (4.877.312 bytes)

eMule-new.exe - Samstag, 7. Februar 2009, 10:14:32
4,65 MB (4.877.312 bytes)

eMule-yesterday.exe Samstag, 7. Februar 2009, 00:48:01
4,65 MB (4.877.312 bytes) -> upx'ed max. compr will be 1,55 MB (1.635.328 bytes)

all builds with latest miniupnpc-20090129 / v 1.77 2008/12/18


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