Sunday, February 22, 2009

Abuze Mod by Shu

Abuze Mod


Build 230
Updated to Vuze

Build 229
Updated to Vuze

Build 228
New Name, new splash, new Azureus look
Updated to the latest Core
+ Added "Disable no upload for lan connection"
% Changed the download reduction option to behave like a fake download option... you can reduce and increase your download by using a %

Known issue so far :
- Fake report to peer is still not implemented (hasn't been in any 3.x releases so it's not in the 4.0 neither)
- Donation Menu item in the file menu isn't available (yea it's more for me than you but anyway...)
- Only the English text are available for the moment

The releases required activate account on homepage to download:

After registration you can download:
all builds original from:

Latest: Abuze Mod ( - AbuzeMod4. 12.41 MB

Authors Homepage:

Duno know what is this about: -

Beta Versions is written:

It's coded in Java script so it's much more easier as coding a Firefox addon to enable things, add functions, remove things, doing changes (see how in older hacked mod is enabled) if something is disabled or not accessible.

I don't mirror or update it any longer please bookmark Shu hellwich Homepage for discussion support and future versions downloads:

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