Sunday, February 1, 2009

eMule 0.49b ZZ-R V1.9 Beta | eMule 0.49b ZZ-RS V1.9 Beta



ZZ-R V1.9 Beta (eMule 0.49b)

+ New Random Modstring
+ Fixed Nick/Modchanger detection
+ LowId Score Reduce
+ Some other fixes
+ Remove Clients with 100% Blockratio
+ Newest antileech.dll


ZZ-R V1.8 (eMule 0.49b)

+ Authorize preview of files with 2 chunk (was 5 chunks) [MorphXT/Sirob]
+ Fixed Modthief detection
+ Fixed File Reask Time
+ Fixed Sort OnQueue in Sharedfiles
+ Fixed Mark
+ Fixed Powershare Graph in stats
- Removed Tray Password


ZZ-R V1.7 Hotfix (eMule 0.49b)

+ Fixed Bug in Country-Filter
+ Fixed Bug in Stats
+ Changed: KadBoost switchable (ReaskTweaks)


ZZ-R V1.7 (eMule 0.49b)

+ Prevent Crash on Shutdown [MorphXT/leuk_he]
+ Update NodesDat Frequently [X-Ray/Avi3k]
+ TBH-AutoBackup [EastShare/Pretender]
+ Extended Credit Table Arragement [X-Ray/XMan]
+ Colored Category Column in SharedFilesWindow [morph4u]
+ Argos banncount in TranferWindow [morph4u]
+ Colored Clientstate [X-Ray/Morph/JvA]
+ Cache UDP Search Results [X-Ray/itsonlyme/Neo]
+ AICH Security [X-Ray/WiZaRd/eMulefuture]
+ UDP Reask security check [X-Ray/Spike2/netfinity]
+ Changed: Copy ZZ-R Stats to Clipstat [X-Ray/eMulefuture/WiZaRd]
+ Changed: QRdiff /Added Icons [X-Ray/Peace/JvA]
+ Tweak UploadQueue [NeoMule/David Xanatos]
+ Avoid Userhash collision [DreaMule/?]
+ Higher bantime limits (960min) [morph4u]


ZZ-R V1.7 Public Beta 2 (eMule 0.49b)

+ New System Tray Icon [NeoMule/David Xanatos]
+ Funny Nick [Stulle/Aireoreion]
+ Active Permission UpKick [-XdP-/umek | ZZULti/ml]
+ Some little fixes
- Removed Anonym Mod because was detected as Ghostmod


ZZ-R V1.7 Public Beta (eMule 0.49b)

+ Fixed missing FilterMenu in SharedFiles/SearchResults
+ Fixed Bug in ClientDetails
+ Fixed Crash in SearchResults/Details
+ Fixed sort up-prio column in downloadlist
+ Fixed ReqFiles FlatBar
+ Readded Proxy

ZZ-RS = ZZ-R + ShareLevels

Thanks ZZ-R/S Mod is one of the best eMule mods out there!





DDL: ...uploading...


iiyama said...

IP2COUNTRY: error CountryFlag, failed to load in C:\ProgramData\eMule\config\countryflag.dll

And no ARGOS file loading :(

See no upload to others. Downloading is good.

I did a uninstal and again instal it. Buth the same probs.

What do i wrong? ZZ-R v1.9

Anonymous said...

There are 2 different countryflag.dll's
Not sure the one from xtreme mod or the later version from verycd/cn7 mod is the right one.

iiyama said...

After a crash from my hd (vista)
Instal this mod again on a clean vista and?...........
Still no countryflag loaded and the argos file.

Its seem that there is something wrong from the version 1.2 till to now.

Very bad, it was the finest mod i ever used :(

IlLusioN said...

How can I help?

The mod is working by me without any problems but I dont use Vista.

About the country flags:

ensure you have in /config folder the following files:

the two countryflag .dll's I think you need the versions from MorphXT mod not VeryCD mods versions or it may display the flags a little bit 'out of size'. There are 2 sets of versions in the net by emule used of these dll files.

iiyama said...

@BRD-IlLusioN-CCCP : Problem solved :) After instal XP Pro and the zz-r 1.9 irs working good now. I think the problem is VISTA, or maybe VITA & AVIRA.

Its a good mod and using it from the 1.2 version.


Anonymous said...

not possible! It's coded under vista.
1. open the bin with any hexviewer
2. search :\ unless you get the .pdb path

3. result: c:\Users\VistaUser\Desktop\ZZ-R\ZZ-R.V1.7.src.13.12.08.Hotfix\srchybrid\Release\emule.pdb

Naufrago BR said...

Why cant i upload not even when i want to?

At the first days it was uploading, now i cant make more than 2kb/s...

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