Sunday, February 22, 2009

Windows 7 shell32.dll - mydocs.dll - explorer.exe - user32.dll icon style replacement for XP

There is already a user32.dll in the net

I add:

explorer.exe (optional)

Shell32.dll contains the most icons and show up after replacment WinXp in look n feehl of Windows 7

How it's done:

1. get reshacker.exe
2. open from a windows 7(32bit) Iso image with 7zip or winrar in folder \sources the file install.wim witch has the largest size and contains the windows 7 dll/exe files under install.wim\1\Windows\ststem32 shell32.dll - mydocs.dll - user32.dll, explorer exe is one folder up in windir to take the files with the graphic stuff icon resources out (extract with reshacker icon sets later from the dll's and exe)
3. extract from this file "shell32.dll - mydocs.dll - explorer.exe - user32.dll"
4. open each file with reshacker and goto icon group resources.
5. extract every icon group (save icon as...)
6. You may remove unmounted hires icons to compair first the icon sizes and res of winxp original files and sort single icons from groups out or the file size will be large with unmounted icons by importing/replacing it in the original files. Best tool for it @icon sushi
7. copy original windows xp files where you wanna replace the icons inside to any folder
8. replace the icon groups with win 7 and save
9. run replacer and replace by reboot the system files
10. you lost the original file signature by doing change to system files, windows will ask to replace it back with the original files.

here the download:

Aternative run the command line option to import the icon sets into the files (simulary as transformation packs do)
user32.dll by_TSR is from duno why this guys add more resources, they get never in use as the compiled windows xp files dont point to them.

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