Wednesday, February 11, 2009

URL Action Editor 6.00 Pre-release 2-REV

URL Action Editor is a 32-bit Windows utility
application, that lets you edit the URL-related actions
in SWF (Flash) files. This is useful if you lose the FLA
source and need to change the URL addresses. In case
there are graphical symbols referring to those URLs, UAE
also lets you hide/change certain types of symbols. Other
features of UAE includes editing Import URLs, instance
names, linkage IDs, colors (for vector symbols), initial
text and variable name (for editable text symbols),
tweaking coordinates, adding a new layer, adding a GetURL
action on a Frame, editing Frame Labels, and editing
action data in most types of actions.

Pre-release 2 Notes:
This version mainly fixes some bugs found, mostly with
new AS3 functionality. We also have a new icon!

Install Program.
Replace the original files with our cracked one.

Great to edit in Website swf objects template headers like forums the url's action in the swf files.
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