Wednesday, February 18, 2009

XunLei Thunder AYU

Thunderbolt (Thunder) v5.8.9.662 ayu
ads go install the version of the green version download (Supporting dedicated chain)
Thunderbolt is a software that can not be ignored, though at a lot of people criticize, but not only do they not. Oh, I was not as much as possible, but sometimes also necessary to use.
Thunderbolt (Thunder) v5.8.9.662 ayu
ads go to install version (Supporting dedicated chain)

* Removal of various interface Xunlei advertisement
* Removal of all litter information information
* Remove the "system bug fixes"
* Remove the "screenshot feedback"
* Remove the "user experience"
* Remove the "Thunderbolt look at the" Play and pause when all ads
* Optional install the "Express Cyclones dedicated chain"
* Optional installation of "Thunderbolt and see"
* Optional installation of "security download"
* Optional install the "Search Dog" (concise version)
* Optional Install "雷友information" (with or without community interaction)
* Reduce the Thunderbolt occupied resources to speed up download speed
* Shielding Xunlei secretly upload (new)
ayu go ads are modified version of the classic version is,
updates only Thunder.v5.8.7.625
Fire Thunder download
ayu Thunder download
Thunder Ayu NoAds

Download Latest Thunder v5.8.7.625 AYU: Thunder.v5.8.7.625.NoAD-Ayu.rar 7.82 MB
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not tested because Thunder install/green/portable/... all versions uninstall/delete not clean. Left many registry keys (entries, menu, bho,...) and rests in different folders on the OS after uninstall/delete the program. many program part rests remain on harddisk.

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