Sunday, February 1, 2009

eMule 0.49b Sivka v19b1 [The FiXed Enhanced AirPort Edition]

eMule Sivka v19b1 - The AirPort EdiTion

04. Feb. 2009

Fixed: reask sources by internet connection down and reconnect, if upnp is enabled reset mapping > remap as soon internet is connected again.
the error with upnp reconnect:

auto reconnecing to ed2k servers after a line drop with upnp routers.:
PEERATES.NET (,... next server ... appears to be full.... fatal error .... next, next, repeating,... stay non connected

Fix > do after x times repeating without getting a server connection again
Trying to setup port forwardings with UPnP
CLIENT-IP changed from to
CLIENT-IP was changed, all sources will be reasked in the next 10 mins!


by startup UpnP mapping works now correct in range before connecting to a server, a way faster init:

04.02.2009 23:55:33: ***********Optimizer***********
04.02.2009 23:55:33: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1640
04.02.2009 23:55:33: Clock Frequency: 3294 MHz
04.02.2009 23:55:33: AMD optimizations active
04.02.2009 23:55:33: L1->128.00 KB L2->1.00 MB
04.02.2009 23:55:33: MMX MMX+ SSE SSE2 3DNOW 3DNOW+
04.02.2009 23:55:33: ***********Optimizer***********
04.02.2009 23:55:33: Found 68 known shared files
04.02.2009 23:55:33: Credit file loaded, 41940 clients are known, 6 clients deleted (not seen within 5 month)
04.02.2009 23:55:35: 266952 IP filters loaded
04.02.2009 23:55:36: Trying to setup port forwardings with UPnP...
04.02.2009 23:55:37: 3 servers in server.met found
04.02.2009 23:55:37: Found 19 part files
04.02.2009 23:55:37: eMule Version 0.49b sivka v19b1 SE | Nick: myname ready
04.02.2009 23:55:37: Connecting to the network is delayed, because UPnP is still busy configuring the port forwardings.
04.02.2009 23:55:37: Please wait some seconds, eMule will connect as soon as UPnP finished.
04.02.2009 23:55:40: Connecting
04.02.2009 23:55:40: Connecting to eDonkeyServer No2 ( - using Protocol Obfuscation) ...
04.02.2009 23:55:40: Read 200 contacts from file.
04.02.2009 23:55:40: UPnP successfully set up forwardings for ports 5692 (TCP) and 41259 (UDP)
04.02.2009 23:55:41: Connected to eDonkeyServer No2 (, sending login request
04.02.2009 23:55:43: Obfuscated connection established on: eDonkeyServer No2 (
04.02.2009 23:55:43: New client ID is xxxxxxxxx
04.02.2009 23:55:43: CLIENT-ID changed from LowID=0 to HighID=xxxxxxx
04.02.2009 23:55:43: CLIENT-IP changed from IP= to
05.02.2009 00:02:20: OP_STARTUPLOADREQ: (5:26 mins/6)=54 secs ==> [CHN][VeryCD]dE(eMule v0.48a [xl build42]) ASK TO FAST, BANNED!!!
05.02.2009 00:03:14: OP_STARTUPLOADREQ: (5:24 mins/6)=54 secs ==> [CHN][VeryCD]hP(eMule v0.48a [xl build42]) ASK TO FAST, BANNED!!!
05.02.2009 00:03:22: OP_STARTUPLOADREQ: (6:44 mins/6)=1:07 mins ==> [CHN][VeryCD]G[RWKZ(eMule v0.48a [xl build48]) ASK TO FAST, BANNED!!!
05.02.2009 00:03:57: OP_STARTUPLOADREQ: (7:02 mins/6)=1:10 mins ==> [CHN][VeryCD]XZCrx(eMule v0.48a [xl build42]) ASK TO FAST, BANNED!!!
05.02.2009 00:06:17: OP_STARTUPLOADREQ: (4:48 mins/6)=48 secs ==> [CHN][VeryCD]B(eMule v0.48a [xl build37]) ASK TO FAST, BANNED!!!
05.02.2009 00:07:25: OP_STARTUPLOADREQ: (7:05 mins/6)=1:10 mins ==> [CHN][][VeryCD]jWjn(eMule v0.48a [ZZUL Plus 1]) ASK TO FAST, BANNED!!!
05.02.2009 00:08:34: OP_STARTUPLOADREQ: (7:18 mins/6)=1:13 mins ==> [CHN][VeryCD]Reb(eMule v0.48a [xl build48]) ASK TO FAST, BANNED!!!
05.02.2009 00:08:55: OP_STARTUPLOADREQ: (9:42 mins/6)=1:37 mins ==> [CHN]a1[VeryCD]xthame(eMule v0.48a [Xtreme 7]) ASK TO FAST, BANNED!!!
05.02.2009 00:09:11: OP_STARTUPLOADREQ: (12:56 mins/6)=2:09 mins ==> [CHN][VeryCD]l590605(eMule v0.48a [build 11230]) ASK TO FAST, BANNED!!!

Added a line more info from integrated CAMEL - CPU Identifier enhanced CPU Speed info / optimizer code parts in this mod to emule.cpp (after the old fixed bug by GetExtendedProcessorName). Show now Processor/CPU speed after Prozessor name

AddLogLine(false,L"Clock Frequency: %d MHz",cpu.GetProcessorClockFrequency());

Better completed CPU instr. nfo:

04.02.2009 21:09:08: ***********Optimizer***********
04.02.2009 21:09:08: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1640
04.02.2009 21:09:08: Clock Frequency: 3294 MHz
04.02.2009 21:09:08: AMD optimizations active
04.02.2009 21:09:08: L1->128.00 KB L2->1.00 MB
04.02.2009 21:09:08: MMX MMX+ SSE SSE2 3DNOW 3DNOW+
04.02.2009 21:09:08: ***********Optimizer***********

info: Tool alone compiled: Camel v1.6 - CPU 78.98 KB

Updated: miniupnp to v 1.77 [ ]
implement the new argument 'remoteHost' to UPnPImplMiniLib.cpp:
Added the ExternalHost argument to DeletePortMapping()
Added the ExternalHost argument to AddPortMapping()

Updated libs:
- libpng from 1.2.28 April 30, 2008 to 1.2.34 December 18, 2008 [ see Security and Crash Bugs in Older Versions - Vulnerability Warning ]
- other libs updated if available taken from cvs
- F1 open sivka FAQ =

compiled with VS 2008 SP1 + Kb's/updates up to Jan 2009

program is packed with upx to save space with a small imagebase [ ] can be uncompressed with switch -d

Build1: eMule.exe

compressed size: 1,59 MB (1.675.776 bytes)
uncompressed Size: 4,84 MB (5.082.112 bytes)

File: eMule.exe
CRC-32: 36acd592
MD4: b3b95f8bbafb0ef7924625dc89e8a9e2
MD5: e31fee1487fe94b2590bb3da3f0c1fbd
SHA-1: ecc7d1fd62ebff6f4c66e58412bb8fe616cdc168


03. Feb. 2009

several builds have been compiled with different mod names

Public Builds change def. rand sending modstr after 50 downloads

changes 3th Feb. 2009:

- HideOvershares //SLUGFILLER: hideOS [ is removed in stulle's merge ] =>
- Selective ChunkSharing //sivka: SelectiveShare [ is removed in stulle's merge ]

- missing icons
- make dialog res str as much as possible translatable [ Thanks Gerd49 and Darek PL ]
- added friend menu in all lists [ Thanks Sven + Dave ]
- intern change modstr. in menu + option protocol addons off
- optional signal sound [ Thanks Samy ]

Based an a fresh merge from eMule v0.48a Sivka v18a1 to 0.49b code base [ Thanks LuckyLu and TBC ]

sivka options:
+ HideOvershares
+ SelectiveShare


without [default]:

Download Refresh Release:

emule.exe filesize = 4,84 MB

OSX/NiX: eMule Compat v127.125.4 [sivka v19b1]

next build
- Enhanced Client Recognition / [Spike2]
- ShareOnlyTheNeed
- PowerShare
- re-add sivka community features [ see older changelogs ]

Changes since 29.01.2009

Added: Obfusacte HTTP transfer //[leuk_he] fixed send valid UserAgent string []
Added: Set uploadpriority from TransferWnd, downloadlist //evl: UpPrios
Added: show nickname on splashscreen

tweaks/prefs // now sorted [sections] propper by writing to the preferences.ini
added: 10 more official Advanced preferences hidden tweaks (in extension to Tuxman's code) //leuk_he
Added: Bind eMule Address to Networkcard IP (Advanced Options)// leuk_he bindaddr
Added: Date File Name Log //SiRoB, AndCycle //log , prefs, ppgtweaks
verify log files are places in the "log" folder //Mighty Knife
Added: An ordinary Friendboost + AutoFriendSlot > options, extended selectable on/of //Pretender EastShare
Added: ChunkDots -> options, extended selectable
Added: Push PartFiles -> options, extended selectable
Improved: max. and min. limitations settings in sivka

Bugfix: by ilmira updownclient UserHash
Bugfix: by Xman - Fix Filtered Block Request
HotFix: to avoid crash at shutdown by SiRoB
removed: improved: make source add action thread safe (Enig123)

...more 2much, can't remember...

+ Added -> many...
+ Changed -> many...
+ Fixed -> many...

Remaining bugs : Client ico recognization between emule compatible and emule
UpnP Portmapping: Remapping after a line drop / disconnect [svr reconnect]

app using SSE2 Compiled libs



KAD //VC-fengwen VeryCD Kad implementation changes

Download: not fully finished done [Defines.h]
testbuild: eMule.exe 4.84 MB

Bin new:
Bin old:

SRC: libs
miniupnp 1.77 2008/12/18 [ ] 6.29 MB
+ Patch fixes
CAMEL - CPU Identifier + SRC v1.60*/http%3A//

Serial Number: AB132-25442-QRZZD-192GB-H4FGR


Camel - CPU Identifying Tool
Copyright (C) 2003, Iain Chesworth
parts from GREY1_21.7z


Camel Versions

0.2 Added multiple processor support / clock speed detection.
0.2a First released beta version.

0.3 Added processor identification / more supported features / OS detection.

0.4 Added APIC / ACPI / power management / HyperThreading.

1.0 First Released Version.

1.1 Added support for National Semiconductor / Tidied up CPUID code.
1.1a Added ® to Pentium® and ™ to Athlon™ / Duron™

1.2 Vastly improved clock speed detection routines.
1.22 Added remote web-based update facilities.

1.3 Added Back-2-Base error reporting facilities [BETA].
1.31 Back-2-Base error reporting fully functional.
1.32 Added Celeron / Celeron 'A' detection heuristics.

1.4 Added CRC32 checking to the upgrading routines to verify downloads.
1.41 Fixed several bugs; Added ability to view individual processor information.
1.42 Added several IA-64 fixes. Fixed power management detection. Fixed APIC ID code.
1.43 Fixed condition where extended features do not get detected properly.
1.44 Added monitor to upgrade system. Fixed Bugs: CAM_00000001 and CAM_00000003.

1.5 Added PCI device detection code. Significantly altered UI.

1.6 Added Integer, Floating-Point, MMX, SSE, and 3DNow! benchmarking code.

searching latest source code from CAMEL - CPU Identifier tool => PLEASE SUBMIT HERE

File sharing & torrents by VIPeers

url download link


Anonymous said...

+ Added -> many...
+ Changed -> many...
+ Fixed -> many...

but ...... What ..... only useless stuff !!!!

ADD a Anti-leech System .... that is better

Anonymous said...

useless is relative, if u don't use this features it don't have any use for u. Others use it

If create/port a antileech I'l w8 a while.

You can see now that thunder xl build 48 have protocol bugs but you can't see if an antileech bann it b4. Other mods/build in Antileech give upload, why 2 ban dam now?

samples on a session:
[Korea] 동키호테 2.54 downloaded from this mod 18.44 MB
eMule v0.47a [D.R.C.-MoD] downloaded from this mod 62.39 MB

Anonymous said...

[Korea] 동키호테 2.54 = eMule v3.13a

tim0oC said...

Was genau willst du und erwartest du wenn du features als nutzlos bewertest?
Wenn du eMule als Hintergrund Anwendung haben willst kann ich dir das auch in 2 MB statt den typischen 5 und mehr MB coden. optimiert als 'Background Application' und dabei einiges was zu manuellen Eigenschaften zur erweiterten Buntzerbedienung beisteuert entfernen bzw. in einen seperaten Quick Einstellungs Erstart Dialog zusammenztellen.

Anonymous said...

SSE3 capable CPU detection in env->GetCPUFlags and Info().

// Avisynth v1.0 beta. Copyright 2000 Ben Rudiak-Gould.

// VirtualDub - Video processing and capture application
// Copyright (C) 1998-2000 Avery Lee
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
// (at your option) any later version.
// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
// Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

#include "stdafx.h"

#include < excpt.h >

static long g_lCPUExtensionsAvailable;

#define CPUF_SUPPORTS_SSE (0x00000010L)
#define CPUF_SUPPORTS_SSE2 (0x00000020L)

// This is ridiculous.

static long CPUCheckForSSESupport() {
__try {
// __asm andps xmm0,xmm0

__asm _emit 0x0f
__asm _emit 0x54
__asm _emit 0xc0

if (GetExceptionCode() == 0xC000001Du) // illegal instruction

return g_lCPUExtensionsAvailable;

long __declspec(naked) CPUCheckForExtensions() {
__asm {
push ebp
push edi
push esi
push ebx

xor ebp,ebp //cpu flags - if we don't have CPUID, we probably
//won't want to try FPU optimizations.

//check for CPUID.

pushfd //flags -> EAX
pop eax
or eax,00200000h //set the ID bit
push eax //EAX -> flags
pushfd //flags -> EAX
pop eax
and eax,00200000h //ID bit set?
jz done //nope...

//CPUID exists, check for features register.

mov ebp,00000003h
xor eax,eax
or eax,eax
jz done //no features register?!?

//features register exists, look for MMX, SSE, SSE2.

mov eax,1
mov ebx,edx
and ebx,00800000h //MMX is bit 23
shr ebx,21
or ebp,ebx //set bit 2 if MMX exists

mov ebx,edx
and edx,02000000h //SSE is bit 25
shr edx,25
neg edx
and edx,00000018h //set bits 3 and 4 if SSE exists
or ebp,edx

and ebx,04000000h //SSE2 is bit 26
shr ebx,21
and ebx,00000020h //set bit 5
or ebp,ebx

mov ebx,ecx
and ebx,1 //SSE3 is bit 0
shl ebx,8
and ebx,00000100h //set bit 8
or ebp,ebx

mov ebx,ecx
shr ebx,8 //SSSE3 is bit 8
and ebx,1
shl ebx,9
and ebx,00000200h //set bit 9
or ebp,ebx

mov ebx,ecx
shr ebx,18 //SSE4 is bit 18
and ebx,1
shl ebx,10
and ebx,00000400h //set bit 10
or ebp,ebx

mov ebx,ecx
shr ebx,19 //SSE4.2 is bit 19
and ebx,1
shl ebx,11
and ebx,00000800h //set bit 11
or ebp,ebx

//check for vendor feature register (K6/Athlon).

mov eax,80000000h
mov ecx,80000001h
cmp eax,ecx
jb done

//vendor feature register exists, look for 3DNow! and Athlon extensions

mov eax,ecx

mov eax,edx

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