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RatioMaker & Tor

RatioMaker is an application that can increase your ratio on private bittorrent trackers. It does this by sending fake HTTP requests to the tracker, informing it that you've uploaded a specified number of MBs. The tracker normally adds these to your "Uploaded" amount, thus increasing your total share ratio (uploaded/downloaded). RatioMaker can also add to the "Downloaded", making it look like you've downloaded something. RatioMaker can emulate 4 very common BitTorrent clients, making it very hard to detect. In accordance with your selection, it sets it's peer_id, user-agent, key and HTTP headers to emulate said client. The clients RatioMaker can emulate are:

In the past, RatioMaker also emulated BitTornado, but it has been decided to replace it with µTorrent, as it seems to be used more.

Right now, the only way for a tbsource tracker to detect RatioMaker is with the 'Detect Abnormal Uploads' mod. There were more anti-RatioMaker mods available, but they are now outdated. The one that checked announce time is outdated since RatioMaker 0.5 was released with delayed requesting, and the one that checked for certain HTTP headers is obsolete since RatioMaker, when HTTP header emulation was added.

You'll need a .torrent file from the tracker you want to cheat on. Open it in TorrentSpy and copy the following fields to RatioMaker:

  • Tracker to Tracker URL
  • SHA Hash to Info hash (SHA1)
  • Total Bytes to Total bytes (as of, you don't need to remove the separators)

Fill in the amount of MBs you want, then select whether you want to make it like you've uploaded or downloaded them.

Select a client to emulate, or hit Custom and enter your own peer_id, user-agent and key.

If you want to use a SOCKS proxy server, select it's type in the SOCKS Proxy group and enter it's address and port (See the RatioMaker with Tor trick).

Hit 'Connect' and wait. RatioMaker will send a HTTP GET with event=started, notifying the tracker that you've started your session (be it upload or download), then wait for 300 seconds to pass until sending another HTTP GET request (the one that actually specifies the amount to spoof), then a few seconds later, another GET with event=stopped (so your username disappears from the tracker's peer list). You may speed up the process by pressing the 'Increase to 10ticks/second' button, which basically makes the built-in timer count ten times as fast (thus only waiting 30 seconds max between GETs).

Some time ago, 'phaser' (a RatioMaker user from the forums) made a screenshot guide for operating RatioMaker. You'll find this guide in the Screenshots section, but be aware that it's a bit old.




Current RatioMaker version:

RatioMaker binary

RatioMaker source

Older RatioMaker versions

RatioMaker binary

RatioMaker source

RatioMaker binary

RatioMaker source

Even older versions

RatioMaker 0.4

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