Monday, January 22, 2007

emule TazZ

modded by Gatchymule !

Changelog 1a:

- New antileech system : anti modthief, antinickthief, antimodLeechers...(Ban of upload, and spam clients) // [Gatchymule]
- New spammers known detection sytem v1.2 (Ban of upload) // [Gatchymule]
- Fast detection of clients by ID (more valid sources in same time) // [Gatchymule]
- New management of reask XS and KAD (more good sources found) // [Gatchymule]
- New management of DROP (save the sources dropped (IP, Port, File, Time drop) in memory list, and don't reask during 20min... so after, they are injected in Download queue) // [Gatchymule]
- Fake some Communities by tags, nick and modthief // [Gatchymule]
- System of community eMul€€cheR. // [pP]
- Upload start sense // [Gatchymule]
- all minors codes (no ratio, display of mod, QR...)

Changelog 1b:

- Faster end game. rebridage of the socket thus more enormous peak of connection.
- No upload :-)
- Random modstring// [ gatchymule ] some comm wants me!!!
- posting of the fakés customers (yellow = nick, orange=mod, rose=tag). and of another do-it-yourselfing which does not change of anything operation

Download 1a (Mirror)

Download 1b (Mirror)

pass: seba14

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