Monday, January 22, 2007

eMule 0.47c [pP.r9f] final

emule pP

Based on official client 0.47c with Webcache 2.0

Added: Addon-Directory [shadow2004/eMuleFuture 0.2]
Added: Ip2Country [Eastshare/eMuleFuture 0.2]
Added: Detection/icon for R-Mods (standalone) [pP]
Added: Icons for other Softwares [pP, icons from spike2 mod]
Added: Auto-update for ModIconMapper [shadow2004/eMuleFuture]
Added: ModIconMapper dll [Wizard/eMuleFuture]
Added: ClientAnalyzer v1.5 [Wizard/Tombstone]
Added: Recognition for R-Mods, icon added
Added: Some icons for other ClientSofts [spike2 mod]
Added: ClientPercentages [MorphXT 9.2]
Added: Glitchfix in DownloadClientsCtrl.cpp [wizard]
Added: ISP throtteling fix in HttpDownloadDlg.cpp [leuk_he]
Updated: Packet handling for WebCache [Spike2 mod]
Updated: Authsystem to v3.5
Fixed: Authsystem, internal key handling
Fixed: Uploading bug when UpMan is off with very few sources
Fixed: Delayed coloring/uncoloring of PS files in SharedFileList
Removed: Rescources and Vars of old AntiLeech
Removed: StringBans
Changed: The mod sends a plain (bannable) ModString in locked mode

Authkey included so no upload can activated

Read info.txt before using r9f !!!

Download pP.r9d (Mirror)
Download pP.r9e (Mirror)
Download pP.r9f (Mirror)

pass: seba14

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