Monday, January 22, 2007

BitTorrent 5.0.5

The open source BitTorrent protocol provides a means for content creators and publishers to manage the distribution of data from a single source to many destinations (peers) in parallel making maximum use of upstream and downstream bandwidth available within a given peering group. A file being distributed as a Torrent is broken into pieces which are subsequently shared between the peers (instead of being sent only from the source to each peer) yielding a potentially massive increase in distribution efficiency for the publisher and generally a better overall experience for any given peer. With BitTorrent, a single upload from the publisher's source server can result in a total distribution of hundreds if not thousands of file copies by peers requesting the file.

The BitTorrent client enables a user to search for files in the .Torrent (pronounced "dot torrent") format and download them. The current client enables a host of features including multiple parallel downloads. The client also intermediates peering between itself, source file servers ("trackers") and other clients, thereby yielding great distribution efficiencies. The client also enables users to create and share torrent files.

Download: BitTorrent 5.0.5

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