Monday, January 22, 2007

Emule OfF+ 1.51

made by noxz

emule off+


-Special NickThief [gatchymule]
-Spammer-Ban v1.1 [gatchymule]
-Fix Reask Sources after ID Change [gatchymule]
-Option "No Up" in shared file list
-Update Emulate
-Add "Auto" in boost KAD & Sources Exchange
-Friends and Community in bold & color
-Drop are now automatic
-Log Fake Community (in emulate)
-Reduction time of server Rotation: 11mn
-Update of all my settings
-Small modif in "About"

Fix emule-project:
-Wrong Port Shown
-Crashfix At Mmsocket
-Chattab Context Fix:
-Fix in Enhanced Client Recognization
-Cmulelistctrl Fixes

Download 1.3

Download 1.51 (Mirror)

pass: seba14

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