Monday, January 22, 2007

Hacked Shu Mod (

Build 180
change : random sleep time between 2sec and 10sec (stop torrent after dl)

- you’ll have to readd your torrents !
- Peer spoof is still under dev, tracker per torrent spoof has been deactivated since it’s not working

Download (Mirror)

pass: seba14


Azureus Shu Mod - DDJ Hack

This is a hacked version of Shu Mod

Hack Changelog:

- Removed all checking and version code
- Added an Update News & Version button
- Button asks if you want to update just news or just version
- Includes ORIGINAL Azureus splash screen
- Removed Login boxes from the Shu Config Sections
- Removes access to the Shu Donation Window
- Donation window replaced with a Shu Mod About Box
- Some labels are changed to show 00DE and myself


Stops Shu Mod from accessing the Shu website.
Disabled Authentication check.
Disabled Shu Mod Version check.
Disabled News check.
All Users have “admin" access.
Enabled No Upload and other non-public features.
Added Check News button to check current news and version
Removed Donation windows for Shu


1. INSTALL Azureus
2. DELETE the plugins folder from the Azureus directory
2. COPY the plugins folder and to X:Program FilesAzureus
3. REPLACE ALL files
4. RENAME Azureus2.jar to Azureus2.jar.bak (IMPORTANT)
5. COPY Azureus2.jar to X:Program FilesAzureus (IMPORTANT)
6. RUN Azureus.exe

This also includes the latest plugins and recommended plugins

- 3D View
- Advanced Statistics
- Sudoku
- AutoCategory
- Peer Injector
- Chat
- Ratings
- Client Spoof Plus
- Country Locator
- Monitoring Plugin
- Multi-Port
- Progress Bar
- RSS Feed
- Seeding Columns
- Speed Scheduler

Changelog Shu:

Build 180
change : random sleep time between 2sec and 10sec (stop torrent after dl)

Build 179
Removed tracker clientspoof from the implementation bug not the GUI !, so you can tick it but it won't work !
Change: When you enable stop torrent after dl, it will wait 5seconds before actually stopping it ! So the "completed" update can go through before the torrent is removed (it needs testing)

Build 178
Added : 2 options to the Client spoof (spoof to the tracker and spoof to the peers)

Build 177
Fix: Completed flag was always sent
Fix: other stuff that was forgotten from the -> shu mod update
Fix: portuguese language
Continuation of the dev of client spoof -> now it will tracker spoof and peer spoof -> PER TORRENT !!

Build 176
Added italian language
Added portuguese language
Fixed splashes
Cosmetic change : peer spoof is not in the right place (shu option menu)
Continuation of peer spoof dev

Build 175
Updated to Azureus
Peer spoof is still under dev (beta) and is only available to Adv member ++

Build 174
-added : peer client spoof

Build 172
-Fix: Fake uploading will be possible when connected to 0 leech and having the 2 options to stop fake uploading (when connected to less than x peers and the peer/seed ratio) to 0
in other words if you put 0 and 0 to those 2 options, the fake uploading wasn't working, but now it's fixed


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