Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SkipScreen 0.1.04202009 - without Promo box

Skip Screen 0.1.04202009 Promobox Free

- search boxes, counter, sharelinks,... code removed such as the 3th party stuff. A clean Post-Download screen show up in blue color as soon the download is available without any embedded scripts on it. The extension become tiny and lightweight. All 3th party addons removed. (in later official versions it will be optional in extensions settings (preferences) Thats good news! You may customize your own design by editing addon-11243-latest.xpi\content\skipscreen.js (changing design or adding/removing content etc..)
- Skips unnecessary scripts/content in Post Download screen (later in preferences official up to the user selectable)
- Autoclick (select) free user on Rapidshare if not logged in premium zone activated. You don't need to click anything by rapidshare downloads.
- This version will install for Firefox 2.x for testing


Source: addon-11243-latest.7z extract with 7zip the xpi file
Install: addon-11243-latest.xpi | Mirror | Download

Without Domain feature: addon-11243-test-no-digg-com.xpi


OtherMichael said...

Whoah, nice work!

As one of the SkipScreen devs, just wanted to let you know that the next version (releasing to Mozilla-approval within the week) will have an options pane, allowing you turn on/off any of the features.

Heck, a number of people want that post-download search-n-share page to be visible at other times, but we hear what you're saying, and take privacy concerns very seriously. It's definitely one thing that will be able to be turned off.

Can't please everybody -- so let 'em pick and choose!

But... blue? Whatsa matter with SkipScreen green(tm)? heh.

Anonymous said...

jups its java so its easy to customize. Search, I use the webbrowser search box with the feature to add search engines.

Thanks great ff addon

IlLusioN said...

@OtherMichael Thats great news!

Thank ya

CCCP said...

Do there interests exist to add localization Languages?

CCCP said...

Will do the translate for the official upcoming Version into German and keep the translation up to date. If someone want drop me a note here or on the contact by this site.

Friend may do the translation for Russian, Chinese, Dutch and Italian.

IlLusioN said...


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