Friday, April 3, 2009

AT4RE FastScanner v2.1 [2009] + Signature Database 01-04-2009

FastScanner Version 2.1 By AT4RE Team

This tool is destined to : Detector for most packers , cryptors and compilers for PE Files.

Add ToolTip to the Result EditBox to display information about unpacking the protection. (beta)
2- Add a HexViewer to both the FastScanner & PE Editor plugin.
3- Changed disassembler library.
4- Now The program can scan lnk files.
5- Updating the scanning algorithm now the program dsiplay the most matched signature.
6- Put a separator between AT4RE plugins and PEID plugins.
7- Put the (Matches) result in Total Scan dialog.
8- Add HexView and Section Characteristics to the Sections Dilaog.
9- Add Sig Plugin: Fix the Display button and add Sort and Edit Buttons.
10- Add the Stay on top option.
11- Fixed bug in WinUpack-like packed files offset calculation.
12- Fixed bug in viewing disassm dialog and sections dialog.
13- Fixed bug at scanning a DOS file not Windows PE.
14- Fixed bug in detecting Plugins files in Options dialog when renamming FS-exe name.
15- PE Editor : Fixed Bug in Add/Delete Sections.
16- PE Editor : Now you can modify the section characteristics flags.
17- PE Editor : Add Dump Section function.
18- PE Editor : Add HexView button for ImportTable and Resource.
19- PE Editor : Add resource viewer.
20- PE Editor : Add module viewer in the processes tab.
21- PE Editor : Fixed Bug in Imports viewer when there is no imports.
22- PE Editor : Fixed information columns in Processes viewer.
23- PE Editor : Add Icons for Process viewer.
24- PE Editor : Improve Import Viewer dialo

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