Saturday, April 4, 2009

FlashGet Mini Final Version Ads Free Setup - FLV VideoDownload module fixed

Setup rewritten with Inno Setup installer can be extracted with innounp 0.20
/ setup logging enabled (generates in user temp folder a log file with changes and details about the installer e.g.: C:\Documents and Settings\yourcomputerusername\Local Settings\Temp\Setup Log 2009-04-05 #008.txt (for diag)
Setup switches for silence setup:
files upx'ed = installed ~ 3 MiB, to extract all files to large size exe/dll size run upx -d *.* in folder (for diag)

FlashGet Mini Green Ads Free Setup

Ads and Callhomes removed ( see no install version )

Fixed: YouTube request url
fix for youtube in FlvDetector.ini by section the line corrected:
regexpBody = "^Location:\s(.*?)\sKeep-Alive:"
to regexpBody = "^Location:\s(.*?)\s"

for other setting to get video as mp4 add/change in url fmt=4 to fmt=18 or edit the line in FlvDetector.ini &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 after ^Location:\s(.*?)\s
eg: regexpBody = "^Location:\s(.*?)\s&fmt=18"
or "^Location:\s(.*?)\s&fmt=22"

The key flashvar for high quality is "^Location:\s(.*?)\s&fmt_map=6/0/7/0/0" and "^Location:\s(.*?)\s&fmt_map=18/512000/9/0/115" for mp4s.

for example here on a url change from:
http://a IP number form my isp/youtube/2/5tB8dIIOzgI.34?ivit=3523&
http://a IP number form my isp/youtube/2/5tB8dIIOzgI.34?ivit=3523&
downloads the clip as mp4

edit for automiztion in FlashGet Mini\dat\FlvDetector.ini

filterkey ="get_video?video_id"
regexpHost ="^Host:\s(.*?)$"
regexpBody = "^Location:\s(.*?)\s"


for older version download fixed file and replace with FlvDetector.ini

+ Added BHO to get download links
+ Added IE context menu (Download all with FlashGet, Download with FlashGet on single files, on Video Sites such as youtube, Download flv stream)
+ embedded flv leech added to IE + Firefox
- Option: FlashGet-mini Browser integration installs for IE and Firefox requ. Browser Helper Object (BHO) + Extension + Menu Entries: Download with..., Download whole webpage all Links with..., Detect FLV Movie Clips,.. Click catcher + the FLV Downloader feature when selected.
- Multilang added to installer selection (CHN, DEU, ENG)
- Custom type of components selectable (install with/without TCP-IP Patcher, with/without UPnP Tool)

+ Firefox extension in subfolder \FlashGet Network\FlashGet Mini\Firefox extension
+ German Language File rename/overwrite Language-deu.xml to/with Language-eng.xml
+ uninstaller cleans now regkeys from flashget and unregister the bho

rename downloaded videos to anyname .flv > in main window right click on file > rename

by access problems on youtube can be used Travail Detente

Multilanguage Installer + Browser Integration optional by Install

Download: FlashGetMini-EN-v1.3.0.1046-NoAds-custom-upx.exe

VideoGet remote url path fixed now please re-download!

The safest and most customizable FlashGet-mini ever

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