Thursday, April 2, 2009

dUP v2.19 Final diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher

dUP 2 is a patch engine (patch generator, patch creator) for building a small standalone patcher executable for microsoft windows.


* multiple file patcher
* create Offset and Search&Replace patch/loader
* compare files (RawOffset and VirtualAddress) with different filesize
* text patcher
* registry patcher, also for loaders
* attach files to patcher
* get filepaths from registry
* usage of CRC32 and filesize checks
* patching packed files
* compress patcher with your favorite packer
* saving projects
* use custom skin in your patcher
* add music (Tracker Modules: xm,mod,it,s3m,mtm,umx,v2m,ahx,sid) to patcher
* multilanguage support
* and many more...

Version History
dUP 2.19
- new "Text-Patch" module !
- bugfix in s&r compare module
- other bugfixes from v2.18
- added linkcursor in patcherwindow
- registry editor now can import v5 reg files
- faster scrolltext engine
- better scrolltext font management
- new function: import long hexpatterns in offset-patch-dialog
- fixed loader_installer bug
- added support for relative paths (subfolders) for the targetfiles
- search & replace comments bugfix
- loader: registrypatcher bugfix
- added new internal environment variable: %dup2_last_path%
- skincontrols now can have transparent backgroundcolor (FFFFFFFF)
- now you can execute multiple search&replace loaders from same directory



Download | Mirror
dup2 crypted patchdata edition

Search&Replace Engine sourcecode [masm]

Visit to download the final version.

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