Wednesday, January 6, 2010

eMule 0.49c Chimera 1.4 PuBliC VerSioN

eMule 0.49c Chimera 1.4 PuBliC VerSioN

Changelog 1.4

add Auto-Kick Timer [B4n$h33]
add ECR v2 [Spike2]
add Filter some Suspect Bad Uploader [B4n$h33]
add Multi Server Connect [Sarutobi]
add Reset Kad-IP on IP-Change [Spike2]
add ServerAnalyzer [Spike2]
add Show Chunkdots [Slugfiller]
Change Server Rotation Setting [B4n$h33]
Change Slot Controll Code [B4n$h33]
Fixed Fakealyzer [Netfinity]
Fixed IP Filter Auto Update [Taken from Alias]
Fixed SysInfo.cpp [Ban$h33]
IrcFix [B4n$h33]
Remove ECR [Wizard]
Remove Startup Flood Prevention [Wizard]
some fix about Kad [Wizard/Netfinity/B4n$h33]
Update Country Block [B4n$h33]
Update antileech.dll [B4n$h33]
some bugfix
and other
some things were changed, so is better a clean install

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Spread This Mod Everywhere you are all authorized !

Thanks to dinka and to the coder B4n$h33

Mirror: eMule 0_49c Chimera 1_4 PuBliC VerSioN.rar 2.81 MB

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