Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RIOT - Radical Image Optimization Tool v0.3.5

RIOT optimizes and saves images "for the web", "with the best
compression ratio and quality". Stand-alone or DLL for IrfanView (and


v.0.3.5 – 27.10.2009
- bugfix: Save image fails in some cases. It occurs only when the image is opened by command line or drag & drop and “Show dialog on Save”
is disabled (default) – the original image is not updated (overwritten).
The image is saved in fact in the wrong folder (current folder). Fixed !
- fixed handling of PSD files with a non zero file header reserved member
- fixed TIF module crashing on a malformed TIFF-JPEG compressed image
- fixed MNG module crashing on some old mng images
- metadata: added new ‘non standard’ Exif tags (HostComputer, Rating, RatingPercent) – These tags are not part of the Exiv v2.2
specifications but are often loaded by applications as Exif data
- added loading of Exif orientation tag in TIFF module
- other minor fixes


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