Thursday, December 31, 2009

eMule 0.49c ZZ-R V3.2

ZZ-R V3.2



+ Total upload via powershare to clip-stat

+ Anti-Shape

+ Save Upload Queue Wait Time

+ Some minor fixes

+ Some codecleanings

- Removed Lovelace Credit




chattie said...

My upload is at max 260 kb/s with zz-r3.2. My upload on my provider is a max of 1500kb/s. With other upload its around that 1500 buth with the zz-r only a max of 260. How come?

ports/firewall everything is good and set right

chat said...

Is there no update more about the ZZ-R? The good and best mod i ever seen. :D

morph4u said...

It's on work. My tester-team have running V3.3 ;-)

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