Sunday, December 31, 2006

Torrent Client Overview List

As m0d has pointed out, the Azureus Bittorrent Client sucks if you're on an older system, or if you want to be able to do anything else than running that bittorrent program.

Be careful when selecting your client, because you might get one that's entierly too complex, like say bitcomet, which essentially makes your head spin. Or you might get a too simple client such as the original client, and you'll go "bah, but I need my goddamned stats, where are those?" that's when you need to get a more advanced client, below are some examples of a few clients:

The bittorrent client I'm using is called µTorrent, it's designed to be everything that Azureus is but without it's heavy memory footprint.

Now, for those of you who don't understand geek like I do, here's the caveman version:

program takes memory, computer slow. program takes little memory, computer fast.

But, if you want a little list of alternatives, here goes!


If you want LOADS of features, and a nice user interface with lots of statistics about everything from download/hour speeds to useless stuff like which country you're downloading from, get this one! It also takes very little memory, has just one file (utorrent.exe) which makes it very small.


Bittorrent Standard Client

The original, lacks features to a great deal, rather annoying to use if you want some stats and very annoying if you're looking for a client which starts FAST. High CPU usage, and moderate memory footprint.



A client which doesn't support multiple downloads in one window, this means you'll have to open two instances of the same program in order to download two files.... no something a person with a fast computer and a 100/100 pipe would like. It's somewhere in the middle in terms of memory footprints, has a good variety of different abilities thrown in and seems like a good allaround client.



The "bad boy" of the bittorrent clients, or rather it used to be. It often reported wrong upload/download ratios when connected to a tracker. Nowadays it's cleaner than a whistle though, and has a reasonable cpu load and a moderate memory footprint. (however, some trackers still have this bittorrent client banned, because once scorned....) It has a nice user interface, but requires some expertise to use, due to it's many features.


Yet Another Bittorrent Client

A rather simple client which is said to be a match for Azureus, however since it lacks many features, you might not want to go for this one. Fast, yet simple. (who not go with the original BT client then?)

Experimental Bittorrent Client

The only "experimental" with this client is the ability to limit your up/download ratio... normal usage of CPU and memory... nothing worth getting. <- still here's the url, if you wanna check it out.

BitBuddy Client

This one is still in it's early stages, with alot of stuff remaining to be implemented, however it seems to have a very light CPU load, and a minimal memory footprint, it has a small range of features which might be something to take a look at.


XBT Client

This client also goes with the "low memory, low CPU" way of bittorrent clients, but it apparently has troubles with download speeds as well as it's lack of important features.

Not a client I would recommend. But, for you hardcore testers out there, here's a link

URL: (note: the Mod Archive tracker is actually using this as it's ideal as a headless client).

G3 Torrent Client

The good looking alternative, use this if you can't stand the thought of using an ugly client. Has alot of features apparently, but has a moderate memory imprint as well as a bigger install size.


BitLord Client

A bittorrent with adware in it, which makes it automatically suck, since why would you want commercials in a program where you get get another version WITHOUT them in?.... stay far far away from this suspicious version of the BT client.

URL: dude, NO.. NO, you do NOT want this piece of s***, you want it anyways? .. bah google it then.


A sort of allaround client with a GUI which you'll either hate or love, but has a decent range of features, memory size and cpu load are moderate.


TorrentTopia client

Has a connected search to two torrent sites, in which it searches for torrents, please note that this feature is this programs prominent feature... meaning you'll be better off with the original client which has an official search engine. Moderate CPU and memory usage, nothing out of the ordinary. Also: supports skins.. wheeeee...


ZipTorrent Client

Advertises that it will function perfectly behind a firewall and or router, without any special configuration... in reality it sucks since it doesn't work, which is a nobrainer really, since it can't have all the companies router/firewall configs stored in it's memories. Stay away from this one, it'll mess up your system.

URL: <- stay away!

Burst! Client

This has some major issues with Windows XP , and won't work unless you jump through alot of hoops to get there, has some very annoying features and really doesn't have anything going for it, leave this one alot to rot and die kthnxbai.


MooPolice Client

A client with probably the most unique bittorrent interface in existance, not much is known about this version atm , but it seems to be a standard client with a very .. hate or love ish interface, I can't make heads or tails of it myself. Memory and CPU usage is unknown.


TrustyFiles Client

Spyware, malicious code, viruses, you name it, this program has got it! sucks so hard that a pornstar would have trouble keeping up! (if this seems too harsh, please omit my statement: to mods) [seems ok to me ;) Ed.]

URL: You have to be joking.

BT++ Client

Has a rather standard looking GUI, and is written in the same language as the original client is, which means that the CPU load will be heavy, and the memory load moderate. Better that you stick with the original client, or get a more advanced one.


BTQueue Client

No graphical interface, which means that if you're not a brain, or a linux user, you'd do best to choose a simpler torrent client. Has a standard range of features and has a moderate memory and cpu load.


Anatomic P2P client No GUI, normal range of features, however seems very dead in terms of development, no known CPU or memory usage stats.


TorrentFlux client

If you think php is the s***, and want all your apps to run in php, including your BT client, wait no longer! get yer php powered BT client today! Has a really nice looking GUI and since it's powered by php, it has all the features and drawbacks of said format. Has a wide range of features and statistics, memory usage and cpu load unknown, but expected to be that of a php server.


Rufus client

A rippoff of G3 torrent, stay away from this client since it seems like the author isn't too interested in developing it in the future. Memory and cpu load unknown. (but expected to be that of the G3 client, unless the coder is a n00b, which might mess it up alot more)


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