Wednesday, June 25, 2008

USDownloader v1.3.5.1

Universal Share Downloader (USD) - 24.06.2008

Captcha for:,, FileFactory

In USD integrated:
Megaupload, Megarotic,, IFolder, Megashares, ..., Depositfiles and others via Captcha Exchange Server (CES)

DVK Plugins for Captcha Exchange Server:


Captcha Exchange Server Login:
Nick: "Any name" Pass: RapidByeByeBye

Supported sites:

Crypted Links can with YCJ pasted include rsdf and ccf

New Plugin:
24.06.2008 USD v1.3.5.1
Download: RapidShareCom.plg 38.00 KB

Captchas after Download ticket recognisation!

Download: 5.95 MB

Complete Packet - All In One incl. Reconnectors:

If you have downloaded in the past one of these programs:



Please re-download it or delete the following file names from the folders.

Some files was possible infected

from DVK_Plugins_24-06-2008.rar:

- nircmdc.exe (Backdoor.W32.VB.xb)

File have been repacked without the infected file here: DVK_Plugins_24-06-2008.rar 4.39 MB

from USD-Komplettpaket_24-06-2008.rar:

- usercashcom.dll (

- Xvidznet.dll (

File have been repacked without the infected files here: USD-Komplettpaket_24-06-2008.rar 25.46 MB

[+] Updateserver readded
[+] server code has changed
[+] options-Nick = = Pass, SavePoints = moved to a section[*] Fixed some pluginrelated things
[+] Updateserver is now chooseable[*] Fixed some little bugs
Fixed some little bugs


Anonymous said...

Can you help me setup this app? I've been using it for many years in the past but some of them like depositfiles you still need to enter the capcha although the exchange serv. says it works. I could be setting up the ini wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Does RapGet work?
Please try the new Version:
rapget v1.41 final

Anonymous said...

Rapget doesn't work. USD does but requires captcha input. I just don't know how to setup the plugins for it but rapidshr works on detection.

filerantings said...,, FileFactory file search engine

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